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NCR 28 Feb 2004 00:46

3Aj doubt

Dumb doubt: I own a 2001 XT600E and engine ID starts with 3Aj. I notice that you refer to this when you refer to the Teneré...Is it the same engine?

Thanks and regards,


aukeboss 28 Feb 2004 13:43

Are you referring to the number cast in the cilinder foot or the number stamped in the right hand casing part, just below the rear brake light switch? This engine number for a Tenere should be 3AJ-xxxxxxxx.
The XT600e has the cilinder marked 3AJ because that was the first type that used that cilinder.


NCR 1 Mar 2004 15:59


Yes, I'm talking of the number in the cilinder base. It is not the same engine then?

Thanks and regards,


FredXTZ 1 Mar 2004 16:44

Not the same engine, but yours uses a 3AJ cylinder too. The cylinder has not been modified since.

Fred, XTZ660, Holland.

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