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dougM 6 Jan 2003 08:44

34L strange noise

*Hi all, was riding my 83 XT600Z the other day and the following happened. Prior to this the bike has been running fine.

Riding along when I ran out of fuel, so I pulled over, got out the pliers and turned the fuel tap to reserve.
When I went to start the bike, it didn't want to so I had to kick it over*plenty of times. Finally the engine started but then quickly died. So I continued kicking*the engine*over and when it started again I gave the engine a good rev, that was when the noise started. I let the engine stall. I tried to start the engine once more but the noise was still*there so I stopped the bike. The noise is a clacking type of noise and the "clacks" are proportional to the speed of the engine. The bike was in NEUTRAL when I started it.
Wondering if anyone could advise what could be the problem. Loose rockers, broken rocker.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered


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