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hed 9 Jul 2001 07:08

34L Airfilter Box Improvements
As my bike is getting on in age (83 build) I have a couple of probs on the airfiletr box as follows:

1. The foam rubber and sealing between the seat underside (plastic) and the airfilter plastic bocx is worn, thus free airflow.

2. The plastic pipe going from the airfiletr box to the carb is starting to crack at the weld where it is attached to teh box.

Any ideas on how to improve this ? Has anyone ever fitted a self-contained airfilter unit from frame or something else directly ?

Any ideas welcome.



KlausXT600 9 Jul 2001 15:29

buy new filter/tubes!!!
very recommended: k&n air-filter

rpalmen 28 Jul 2001 18:49

I seem to be missing the entire filterbox from my just obtained '83 tenere. Only three?! (2 big 1 small) filters of unknown brand mounted. Freeling dangling between carbs and piece of plastic.

Should i find a new box, make one, or are these free mounted filters equipped for a trip to senegal?


Planning to travel to Maroc / Mauritania / Senegal around april 2002.

KlausXT600 29 Jul 2001 01:11

if the livespan of your engine is something you don't worry about, leave it as it is.
but especially if you plan to ride in dusty environments i would strongly recommend to fit an air filter box. you can use any of the following xt600 models: 34L, 43F, 55W, 2KF, 2NF (tenere 83-85, xt600 84-89).
it should be possible to find a second-hand one. you may ask moritz kullmann (motoritz @ gmx.de).
tell him i send you.
have fun!
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patch8 26 May 2008 09:42

I pulled the whole heavy complicated system out and replaced with K & Ns. Much easier to clean, get carbs out and you lose weight! Used in hot, dusty climate and they work fine. Hope this helps.

Tenere Tom 26 May 2008 23:14

I've just discovered that my airbox has had no filter for the last year - I've just done a gearbox swap and the airbox was opened (for the first time since I got the bike) in the process.

I'm considering getting rid of the airbox altogether and putting 'cone' type filters on. I don't know if this will mean the carb will have to be re-jetted. I've also just fitted a Sebring silencer (which sounds pretty good!!!). If anyone knows the adjustments please pass them on.


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