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xfiltrate 14 Dec 2009 05:57

Woman buys new Honda in Buenos Aires
Christine, a beautiful blond woman originally from Wales, but currently residing in Hong Kong, has arrived in Buenos Aires. She had pre ordered a new Honda from a trusted authorized Honda dealer in Buenos Aires.

Monday: Christine arrives Buenos Aires, checks into her residence, and locates the nearest police station where, with her passport and exact address of her residence applies for a "domocillio," one of the 2 documents required of foreign tourists to purchase a new or used motorcycle in Argentina. Then she rested.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a holiday in Argentina, and Christine toured the city.

Wednesday: Christine's "domocillio" was hand delivered, by police to her residence. She immediately went to the local AFIP office presented her passport and "domocillio," applied for and received a CDI, tax number, the other of the 2 documents required for foreign tourists to purchase an Argentine registered motorcycle.

With "domocillio" "CDI" and passport in hand Christine visited the Honda dealer, inspected her new Honda, that was out of the crate and assembled, paid the dealer and completed all paperwork necessary for an Argentine title, registration, plates and green card. A Gestor, (one who transfers vehiicle titles as a business) employed by the Honda dealer will do all the leg work necessary for the documentation of Christine's motorcycle.

Thurday: Christine has a play day in Buenos Aires

Friday: Christine has another play day and shops for some touring gear.

Saturday: Christine receives a phone call from the Gestor, who advises her that one more signature is needed and he invites her to his office. Christine provides the needed signature and has another play day and night in Buenos Aires.

Sunday: Christine dropped by our apartment and Elisa and I assisted her with route planning and tips for touring Argentina. *Jeff Condon, Globebuster's guide recently arrived Buenos Aires leading a group of 20 BMWs from Alaska also dropped by and helped orient Christine for her upcoming motorcycle tour of Argentina. * 2 years ago we assisted Jeff Condon in purchasing a used Argentine registered bright yellow Citroen 3cv. His story can be read at the beginning of my thread:

Buy new or used in Argentina and legally tour all of South America ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
South and Central America and Mexico forum

Wednesday: Christine will have all paperwork in hand, insure her new Honda and ride it over to a trusted mechanic, who that same day will custom build racks for her gear.

Thursday: Christine will saddle up and begin her tour of Argentina.

As Buenos Aires HUBB Community members, Elisa and I have enjoyed meeting and helping Christine buy new in Buenos Aires. We look forward to many more of you making the decision to buy new or used in Buenos Aires and then touring Argentina.

Eat, Drink and Be Careful xfiltrate

reproduced from my thread Buy new or Used in Buenos Aires...

maria41 14 Dec 2009 10:29

Hi Ed! Hope all is well with you!
Thanks for this thread, it is very useful. Maybe you could move it to the South America forum for more visibility though? As it is not specific to women.

One question: going through the paper work seems easy, did argentina changed their view on residency? I though foreigners had to live in teh counrty for 2 years?

Also I presume with all the paper work done it is possible to cross borders?

If this is that easy to buy a bike over there it will make a big difference considering how expensive shipping bikes can be theses days. I would definitely consider going that way and buying new in BAs.

Cheers, Maria

xfiltrate 15 Dec 2009 02:43

Hi Maria41, yes Elisa and I are well thanks. We will be touring after the Dakar Rally. Women or Men who would like to know more about Elisa and her life please see my post: SPAIN to the AMERICAS by Elisa in RIDE TALES

And yes, the issue of buying an Argentine registered new or used motorcycle has universal appeal and to that end I first posted about Christine, on my thread in the South and Central America and Mexico forum on my thread that has a sticky:

Buy new or used in Argentina and legally tour all of South America ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

You will find there the latest on the regulations prohibiting the export of a legally purchased Argentine registered motorcycle by a foreign tourist. Including my current activities to have the regulation/law reviewed by appropriate members of the Argentine legislature and government agencies. I still need more endorsements from foreign tourists wanting to buy new or used in Argentina and then legally touring South America.

After having searched extensively for the Argentine law/regulation upon which, what I am now convinced was a rumor ... the flap about a "foreign tourist" having to live 2 years in Argentina before being allowed to export his/her legally purchased Argentine registered motorcycle, I FOUND NOTHING!

This rumor should have been dead in the water a long time ago for a very simple reason, foreign tourist tourist cards are issued for 3 months at a time and are not officially considered "residency" no matter how many times the foreign tourist enters and exits Argentina.

No Argentine law/regulation exists to support that "rumor."

Having said that, permanent foreign residents with (DNI) are permitted to export their legally purchased Argentine registered motorcycle. Elisa and I have our permanent foreign residency (DNI) and have exited Argentina many times on our legally purchased Argentine registered motorcycles.

The process for a foreign tourist to become a permanent foreign resident of Argentina is very difficult, time consuming and requires documentation of permanent income, or a certified job in Argentina.... and it has been announced that citizens of several countries, including the USA will no longer qualify to be permanent foreign residents of Argentina.

Now, before all the novias, amigovias and familia Argentin protest, I am sure there are still Argentine immigration laws in place protecting those who marry an Argentine, or have family in Argentina, in relation to their Argentine residence status... I have also encountered many foreign students at immigration being issued extended student visas...

It is legal for a foreign tourist having entered Argentina on a 3 month tourist card to purchase and to sell (to an Argentine or to a foreign tourist) a new or used Argentine registered motorcycle.

Many foreign tourists have legally purchased new and used Argentine vehicles and motorcycles, and then legally sold them to an Argentine or to another foreign tourist.

It is also legal for a foreign tourist to park/store her/his motorcycle in Argentine forever, without any special permit or time restrictions. And, the foreign tourist is permitted to exit Argentina without her/his Argentine registered motorcyle.

Please see my latest post on my thread for the cost of a new Honda in Buenos Aires....

Buy new or used in Argentina and legally tour all of South America ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

in the South and Central America and Mexico forum.

Hope this answers your questions.

Eat, Drink and Be Careful xfiltrate

xfiltrate 15 Dec 2009 03:17

My Spanish Lady in Buenos Aires
Elisa I Love you and am so very happy to be with you. Ride hard, ride free!

Read about Elisa here: thread: SPAIN to the AMERICAS by Elisa in RIDE TALES forum Edward

Eat, Drink and Be Careful xfiltrate

christy 15 Dec 2009 22:33

Buying a bbike in argentina
The buying of a new bike in Argentina is indeed extremely simple. I am the christine of Xfiltrate's previous post and just wanted tp corroborate what Ed has written.. First I must say what wonderful people both Ed and Elisa are! they couldn't have been more helpful and welcoming and have made the process of buying a bike here easy and enjoyable. I thouroughly recommend anyone wishing to buy a bike here and store it for later trips to contact Ed (Xfiltrate). The process was so easy. Go to Ploice station nearest your hotel - they come round to the hotel the following day (if not a holiday) to present you your domicilio. Take that to the AFIP office which covers your hotel (ring the main number to check what it is) It takes ten minutes to get CDI . Go to Honda dealer with CDI number and Domicilio. Pay for bike - sign some papers and wait a few days. Extremely simple even with my crap spanish!
I am off to pick up the bike tomorrow and it really couldnt have been easier.
So again, thanks Ed and Elisa for everything.

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