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Pheebs 22 Jan 2012 20:06

Rukka - Armiina Riding Suit (ladies) and Armas (mens)
Hey hey there people!

First post here... of many I am sure! Just been reading the questions ladies really want to ask thread and been laughing out loud an immense amount (with intermittent "Oooo good idea!")!

Just wanted to pick some brains of ladies and some riding gear I am looking at picking up!

My hubby-to-be and I are hopping on a couple of bikes and doing a RTW trip starting August this year (will post more about this in another thread!) so naturally we're trying to find the best gear to wear for the trip! We've looked into a looooad of reviews and tried various suits and have finally decided that the Rukka Armas is the mutts nuts!

The thing is... I have tried on the Armas and it fits the best it can (you can tell it's tailored for a fella)... but when trying on Rukkas Anna (the store didn't have any Armiina jackets in which is the ladies equivalent to Armas) it just fitted that little bit better.

The Anna though... did have straps on the waist to tighten/loosen which the Armiinas doesn't so I could only guess it would be a similar fit when not adjusted. The arm length of the Anna (in comparison to the Armas) was much shorter in length (I think the size 10 was the better fitting but would have to get a size 12 to ensure the right arm length!)

Does anyone have an Armiinas Jacket or an Armas? If so, how do you find the jacket? Sleeve wise, the Armas has an inner lining which extends out past the outer sleeve which is super mega! I didn't know if the Armiinas is similar?

I am curious about how people have found the sizing too as I know I am a bit of an awkward size/shape. I'm normally about a 12 top and 10 / 12 / 14 bottom (you know how it's like when you shop... and also depending on what time of month/year it is and how many mince pies I've been nomming!) But I have quite a long body and have 30/32 F cup boobies with long arms.

Would be great to hear your thoughts on the jackets and even the trousers! The reviews out there for ladies are few and far between :)

Thanks muchly :)

Pheebs 22 Jan 2012 20:11

(The only review I've found by the way is from this lady:

Alisa Armiina Review

Very helpful and have emailed her some questions :) Just be nice to hear more feedback :)

GearChic 14 Feb 2012 00:40

Don't know about Rukka.
Unfortunately I have no experience with Rukka, but can give you some suggestions/insight into touring outfits from Revit, Dainese or Olympia, if you're interested?


Pheebs 18 Feb 2012 23:45


Originally Posted by GearChic (Post 367254)
Unfortunately I have no experience with Rukka, but can give you some suggestions/insight into touring outfits from Revit, Dainese or Olympia, if you're interested?


Hey hey! Sorry I didn't reply earlier I thought I'd switched on notifications but I hadn't! Boo hiss!

Ended up going for armiina suit... Am awaiting it's arrival and will post comments here!

Thank you so much for your response though! :)

Pheebs 20 Apr 2012 21:51

After trying on and trying MANY other suits out there we went for it in the end!

Take a look at our site for a full review:

Gear – Clothing | Chasing Horizons

Also posted a thread here too :) :

HUBB post


Cheers for your help ladies :D

Redboots 21 Apr 2012 08:51


Originally Posted by Pheebs (Post 376228)

Nice beard you have there:clap:...Sorry, couldn't resist itbier

Had my Rukka Air since 1999... still going:thumbup1:


Pheebs 21 Apr 2012 23:48


Good spotting... I am in practice of beard cultivation for the long journey ahead... :D Haha!

Good to hear about the Rukka Jacket! Can't wait to try the suits out on the bikes... we will be back with full reports over the next year and a half :D

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