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Fern 24 May 2012 22:13

Right, its 9 days til I leave for a biggun.

Keep fluctuating between sheer joy, amazement, panic, floods of tears at leaving family, overwhelmed. Heart is going nuts, and butterflys in tummy.

Not sure how I'll cope on the day I leave walking away from my family, especially as we had a recent bereavement, and a very poorly grandparent, I have a fear that I won't be able to ride away.

I'm guessing this is normal to have this storm of emotions? Please tell me it gets better once on the road?

The other thing I'm really worried about is homesickness. Although like many, i've been dreaming of a big trip for yonks, this might be a show stopper, and until I get out there I won't know if i'll get it. Any tips for coping with it? I'll be in europe to start with so hoping plenty of wifi so I can keep in touch.


Walkabout 24 May 2012 22:32


Originally Posted by Fern (Post 380210)
I'm guessing this is normal to have this storm of emotions? Please tell me it gets better once on the road?


Yes and yes.
"Out of sight, out of mind" will kick in, or a variation of that old adage, when you become so busy that the time just flies past anyway.

You are young so this is all normal.

brianrossy 24 May 2012 23:11

You must leave, and you will be FINE

If you've been dreaming of this for yonks, then it is important you do it, as it will occupy your mind until you do it, and when you do do it, you will be totally euphoric.

I was 22 when I left home 2 years ago (now 24). I had a gf at the time and was ready to stay for longer as we'd just met. I decided to go with my dream and left and it was a great decision!

Funnily enough it was my father who teared up the morning I rode out...and that was tough! But 1km down the road and I was wiping tears away and yelling at the world with the biggest smile on my face!!

Since leaving home my 2 17 year old cats have both passed away but life at home remains much the same and will be waiting for me when I return.

SKYPE makes a HUGE difference. I managed to see my mum and brother on the trip but not my dad and skype certainly makes it feel like I'm still just at home in another town.

The first 2 weeks on the road was definitely an adjustment to solitary life but after that time it became so normal I don't even think about it anymore. Should you need close human interaction...go to a hostel or town!

Do what you need to do now if its on your mind. Things change, but change is good and a way of moving forward! Dig in end enjoy it!!! If you don't do it, it'll stay RIGHT THERE under your skin and you'll be itchin at it for years and until it pops...and you leave :P

Enjoy! Carpe diem!

seouljoe 25 May 2012 16:38

I hear you ,,
Try this ,,
Before you leave ,,, get an Android phone ,, buy a local sim with data. Or free with wi-fi.

Download APP called Tango ,,,, you can do free video calls with loved ones , they also need to have an Adroid with same APP and wi-fi or data.

Another great APP is Kakao Talk ,, unlimited free chat live. No matter where you are in this world.

bushman_uk 25 May 2012 18:44

Fern, there is no magic answer, but once you get on that bike and make a start you will find that all the new adventures will take over. I find the hardest bit is those long straight roads and my mind tends to wander, that bit gets tough. Remember it's not a do or die mission it is something to be enjoyed not endured , and there is no disgrace in not completeing your trip in one hit, it's not a competition.

Homesickness is a state of the mind , some deal with it some don't, so if it gets to bad park the bike up somewhere and fly home for a break, or get them to fly to you for a holliday. To be worried nervous or scared is natural and your not on your own.

See you at the German Hubb jeiger

Fern 26 May 2012 00:00

thanks for your reassuring words.

i'm now over yesterday's wobble, till the next one. Its all ups and downs and thats what makes it an adventure.

Had my last day at work and that is a huge weight off my shoulders. Just the constant people asking ' are you excited, are you nervous, not long to go now...'

I am a free agent. woo!.

Threewheelbonnie 26 May 2012 07:48

If I may quote Homer Simpson "Listen to the song in your heart not the voices in your head"

Good luck and Enjoy


Scrabblebiker 26 May 2012 18:02

That's all pretty normal, and if you haven't travelled much before it's even more intense.

The longest trip I took was only 3 months to Central America and Mexico, leaving a lover and life partner behind. Nothing compared to an around the world trip but not easy either.

When I left I felt elated and numb at the same time ...talk about a contradiction :-) By the time I arrived in southern Mexico I was sitting in a hotel room blogging with tequila fueled tears streaming down my face, thinking of the one I left behind. Then my "trip focus" reappeared and I just rode and explored until I hit the Darien Gap and time and money was starting to run out. Now I daydream about the trip almost every day and wish I could do another one soon.

Just remember that this is your trip and, as someone already mentioned, there's no shame in making changes as you go. Go out with an open mind and don't put artificial expectations on yourself. Go with the flow and have some fun.


skierd 27 May 2012 21:15

Its always hardest to actually leave. Once you're in motion, seeing the sights and riding the roads you've been planning and dreaming about, the joy pretty well takes over. The freedom is better than breathing... :thumbup1:

Facebook, your blog, and skype can definitely help stay connected, but used to much they can also get in the way of living in the moment of where you are by letting you look back too much. Homesickness happens occasionally to all of us, no use worrying about it, its part of being alive and traveling for extended periods of time especially in places vastly different than home. As Michelle said, go with the flow, remember why you're out there, and savor every moment. :Beach::scooter:

pecha72 28 May 2012 18:18

Spent 6 months riding from Europe to Oz with my GF. Worst homesickness hit us both about 2 months after our departure, before Christmas, while we were in India. That country being so tough to travel also contributed, we were feeling exhausted. We seriously considered buying flight tickets to spend Christmas at home.. but in the end we didn't do that, we just decided to bear it, and in hindsight it was better for us that way. But just to mention, it is possible these days.

But being on the trip with my loved one naturally helped a lot. I've done some trips alone in the past, and surely it often felt a lot harder (esp. when internet, Skype etc. were not that common yet).

mark manley 29 May 2012 10:37

I had a few butterflies before setting off on my first big trip and think this is normal but had an even bigger one about a fortnight in when really tired, it only lasted a few hours and a good night's sleep in a better hotel than normal cured the problem.
Do enjoy your trip.

Hornet 29 May 2012 17:25

I also had a bit of mild panic a few days before leaving but once I actually got going it was fine.

strimstrum 29 May 2012 20:56

I always get homesick (Bushman will tell you that I get the collywobbles) but just remember.... as soon as you set off you are on your way home anyway.

To be fair I don't spend every waking hour thinking about home, far from it but in those quiet moments it sometimes creeps up. You will be far too busy to worry about it.

As Bushman said... see you at the German meet.:D:D

L'ilDRling 30 May 2012 22:08

Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this thread and for everyone who replied. I am also going through some pretty harsh pre-trip homesickness (although I'm not slated to leave on my trip until September 2013), so this topic is of great interest.

My partner took a 3-month journey down through South America and even though we spoke on Skype almost every night, I missed him terribly. Then, when I finally got my own bike, we took a 3 week trip to the Southern States and I think I cried the whole time - I missed home so much. I am also concerned that my year long trip next September will find me a weepy mess, and unable to enjoy what I set out to do. Big difference is that my partner and I are going together so we will at least have each other, but it doesn't account for the closeness that I have with my family.

Anyway, thanks again everyone! Fern - enjoy your trip! Hopefully you will have some time to post here again to let us know how you are making out! :balloon:

Safe travels!

Road2Manchester 14 Jun 2012 13:52

contact concerns
I guess you are put on the road by now, and I hope its going well.

I was only away for 5 weeks on my first trip, the contact home issues became crazy,. not being alone, not meeting people (bikes have a way of sorting that out), but I was getting mad panics about finding wi-fi at certain times of the day to Skype home. Though I was only in the USA where there should be internet on every corner, I found myself going out of my way, when it really didn;'t matter. Mrs R2 was busy living life as normal, with added dog walking duties. If I couldn't get in touch, it was not the end of the world.
As you leave there will be tears, but its your life, your dreams and your opportunity to see a little of the world outside the comfort zone that is home. Don't worry about homelife, it goes on, and they will have something to talk about.
You on the other hand will get sensory overload with the sights you see and the stories to remember. Stop in places that have people, start conversations with anyone, facebook, twitter, forums, whatever you choose. I stopped with people I didn't know, got invites to meals, trips, b&b for free, and in many cases took them up.

Calling home too often creates more issues as things happen, (as they will), cat dies, kids get ill, partners can't find their keys or work the remote.


PS write stuff down... daily, or you will forget gthe bits that joined the memories together. :scooter::scooter:

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