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spooky 20 Feb 2012 15:59

Job offer
I don't know if Grant got a page for a job market on the HUBB,
so I'm placing it here

Now what is it all about than... :)

Actually this is a unusual rare job opportunity for a "female" in a sort
of female dominated household on the country side to offer!
(not far away from Duesseldorf in the north west of Germany)

qualification are simple may a bit tricky but can be very tempting
if you like a change in live or a unusual live style. This is a
serious long term perspective job offer not just a short term Holiday
jobby on the way down south... and not a joke either, well read on...

Now in question is, a "reliable" open minded, adventures single
female age 25-45, (HU members got a advantage here I guess, the
reason I'm writing it here) if you know about, or be willing to cope
with the following, you may getting one step further: a small
flock of goats, caring about kids (actual a 10 year old girl and here
friends) other creatures which swish around are a little dog, donkey,
chicken, horses (yeah I know, a girls dream), more animals to come for
sure (Alpacas as far I can tell are about to join), now the tricky
part... you may need to handle a nagging granny from time to time
(not every day), you are not afraid about a lovely and caring, stressed
out business mom always to late, always in a rush, which would be your boss, like cooking, dare
doing laundering and cleaning, like BIO-shoping, can cope with odd
working hours, travelling experiences (at least you need to know how to live out of a grab-bag), and eventually don't mind
a wacky HU member like me who is around among the above lot as well (at least for now).

What else, well language wise, preferred English, and or French, some
knowledge in German would be beneficial but can be teaches anyway.
Payment, free accommodation for you and bike or car incl. workshop and
plenty free time can be offered...
yeah I know the last bit sounds wired but trust me it's true if
you can handle the above you would be in heaven... ;)

so if you got hooked, in some way.. :)
you are welcome to reach in your CV or better just PM a note for a
start, to be passed on to the boss, so she can get back to you.

For your info, I'm writing this on my own behalf, but feel free at least to think
about the options, it may suites your needs.
There is no immediate rush right now, so take your time.. don't worry
if you are not getting instant replay, I'm on and off the net only
one's the week at the moment, but will pass your note on...

Birdy 20 Feb 2012 20:13

I ticked all the boxes except the most important one. Damn my incorrect genitalia and inappropriately hairy face.:blushing: Sounds good.


pheonix 20 Feb 2012 20:43

I'm not a suitable candidate, so I'll ask the question.......

where's the cash?
a girl cannot enjoy her free-time without money to spend on fuel!
not unless she's a rich 25-45 yr old who doesn't need any payment for giving away her free-time to cook, clean and childmind!


Birdy 21 Feb 2012 10:19

Surely just like HelpX or WWOOF? You don't need much money if you have food and a roof over your head.


stuxtttr 22 Feb 2012 01:20

wrong sex but i like the way you did your advert

spooky 24 Feb 2012 08:39


Originally Posted by pheonix (Post 368254)
where's the cash?
a girl cannot enjoy her free-time without money to spend on fuel!

I did mention "Payment" didn't I :)

we all know... nothing for free in live so why should be work, of course there would be cash !

Road2Manchester 29 Mar 2012 20:57

even if I shaved every hour I would still look so bad in a dress, everything else I do here in the UK.

Laundry, check
cook, check
press and sew. check
put up with granny, check
sort out the animals. check.
English, check.
Biker, check.

my god.... I'm a woman.

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