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Seth S 26 May 2002 09:52

yamaha xt225 vs Kawasaki KLR250
I have been investigating some newer bikes lately and have narrowed down to 2 250cc range dual sports. The Yamaha XT225 vs the Kawasaki KLR 250. The yamaha is air cooled and makes 18hp, while the watercooled klr makes 28hp. does anyone have any opinions on these bikes?
by the way my honda ct90 is up and running and in the final tuning stages. getting ready for its trip

Seth S

Simon Kennedy 30 Aug 2002 16:51

Hi, having recenly been on both, I would definetly go for the KLR. It is a much more serious option.The 225 Yamaha is great fun, but feeble on the road. My friend is touring Oz on the KLR at present and doing very well.I am not sure about your 28hp figure though. More like 23, I think.

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