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indu 13 Jan 2004 01:52

Yam xtz 750 super tenere or Honda xlv750 AT?
Oh, don't you just love to read comparisons on "which bike"? ;-)

Anyway: My latest sweet itch is choosing between a 91 or 92 Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Tenere or a Honda XLV 750 Africa Twin 92 or 93 model.

The one I finally choose is going to be the bike I use when I for example tour Iceland with one of my kids riding pillion (my wife bringing the other kid on her F650 Funduro), no serious off-roading (obviously), some asphalt touring in Ireland and stuff, and maybe a trip to Morocco in a couple of years time.

Which one, which one? (No, not BMW this time - just one of the two brands mentioned.)

Take care out there!

Kind regards

Tony Robson 13 Jan 2004 17:00

Ok so i'm no expert on either but being an XTZ660 rider I supprisingly would say go for the Africa Twin...

Biggest reason -Spares must be easier to get hold of, the XTZ750s are so few and far between that I would expect you to have to wait for all parts to be delivered at least theer are loads more ATs on the road...

Don't get me wrong I love MY XTZ660 but since you haven't offered that as a choice then AT - I we can change your mind the 660 is a great bike, ideal for one but no problems doing 2, easy to get parts and it's simple to work on... with all the characteristics of the other 2 in fairings and comfort.... think on it....

Ciao, Tony.

yngveer 13 Jan 2004 19:39

Hi, I would go for the Africa Twin! In Norway there are many ATs, so the price are good. Easy to get parts for also.. but change the seat, its not that good on longer tripps..

Når skal du til Island?? Hadet gøy!

chris 13 Jan 2004 19:56

AT http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

mcdarbyfeast 13 Jan 2004 21:08

Africa Twin for the above reasons plus build quality,reliabilty and the smooth v-twin engine.

indu 13 Jan 2004 21:32

I see, I see. Good arguments for the AT so far. No, thumpers are out, Tony, but thanks anyway. I know several of you 660 owners are raving about your bikes, and probably for good reasons. I choose twin for comfort - a smoother ride, also according to mcdarbyfeast - although I know the Thumperistas might prove me wrong. Parts availability seems like a good point, of course.

Right. I'll wait for others who might have a comment on the issue before deciding, but it seems like the AT takes it all.

Yngve: Jeg reiser til Island først neste år. Kona må ta lappen og kjøre seg inn på Funduroen i år. Hvor holder du til i verden?

Kind regards

martync 13 Jan 2004 23:42


I wouldn't go near an xtz750, all Ive heard about them is bad news, I don't know anyone who Ive asked about them to reccommend one. I am also looking for a simular bike, AT or BMWGS series, I ruled out the yamaha due to build quality etc.. however they are considerably cheaper and you would get parts within 2 days anywhere in europe but the AT is good and is my first choice with BMW coming in second only because they need a bit more looking after.

gozell 14 Jan 2004 00:03


Met the brothers orr in Africa who rode down on XTZ 750's, the frame did not last... Drop them an email for some great stories.


Then again i drove a NX650 down, and errrhhh the frame did crack but only the rear subframe.. so thats ok.

giorgioXT 14 Jan 2004 14:45

Here in Italy absolutely no problem for XTZ 750 spares ..it had its problems (rectifier) like also Africa Twins (Fuel pump) AT's are reputed as more sturdy and more stable on road , but is 25% less powerful than XTZ so the difference it's relative ... both needs serious streghtening work for raid/offroad use...but XTZ is more protected (better bashplate)

Since here the used AT are really overpriced (even the double of an XTZ for same conditions) I would surely go for a XTZ.

frnas 14 Jan 2004 18:37


Be aware that there was a model shift for the AT between 92 and 93. From rd04 to rd07 there is quite a few differences, worth taking in consideration. Send me an mail if you have questions, email in my profile.

One last important notice!!
There have been some cases of broken frame on the first year of rd07 (93)in germany.


AnteK 15 Jan 2004 11:00

Even I ride later model of XTZ 660, dont think much, choose Africa Twin. It is true that AT is slightly underpowered for V-twin 750 ccm engine, but smooth runing and reasonale torque make it better option that revvy XTZ 750, which I owned previously. XTZ 750 has lots of power but also take a lot of fuel, and my overall impresions are that AT offers more.

POB/London 15 Jan 2004 19:37

AT, definitely.

More aftermarket parts
More comfortable on asphalt & better off
More reliable - has the magic Hona badge http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif
Engine understressed
Lots about - you'll find a good one
Build quality is brilliant

Everyone who has a SuperTen has one because they couldn't afford an AT, in my experience.

I rode one with 128,000 miles on it the other day and it felt like new. Amazing.

indu 16 Jan 2004 02:16

Thank you all for your replies. It seems to me that the AT is the way to go (or ride?), even if giorgioXT makes a good point regarding the XTZ. And thanks for pointing out the model shift issue, Frode. Wasn't it also a different and somewhat higher bhp output in the earlier 750 models (91-93?)than in later ones?

Again: Thank you all. AT it is for me, then.

Ride safe!

frnas 29 Jan 2004 16:26

If i'm not wrong about bhp
RD03 58 bhp 1988-1989
RD04 59 bhp 1990-1992
RD07 62 bhp 1993-1995
RD07/a 60 bhp 1996-2003

And as i see it:

+ Suspension-better and rebuildable
+ Stronger frame
+ Higher
+ Fuel light

- Weight
- Fuel economy
- Airfilter

+ Lower center of gravity
+ Airfilter
+ Lighter

- Suspension not rebuildable
- Fuel pump
- No warning light for low fuel

As RD07 but with even cheaper suspension parts with no adjusment besides spring preload on the back.

RD07 and up is equiped with safty rims that makes roadeside repair more difficoult.But may save your ass when having a puncture, loaded up with passenger and equipment.

[This message has been edited by frnas (edited 29 January 2004).]

ozcan 25 Oct 2005 23:43

Some confusion here... the XLV750 is Honda's offroad shaft drive (1985 and 1986). Africa Twins are all chain-drive XRV650s and XRV750s. All great bikes, mind you.

Just rode my 1990 AT 12,000 km through Europe. No problems. My 1992 AT has now done 70,000 km around Oz and still feels like a new bike.

My four Honda V-Twins (XLV750, XRV600, XRV750, XRV750) have done a total 250,000 km without any major problems. Sold the 1990 XRV750 to a young bloke in Holland... and he's rapt. He rode a similar AT around NZ
and crossed Oz the hard way, without any problems.

Africa Twins rule. OK?



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