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Michael_69 18 Dec 2003 14:48

XTZ 750 for India or Africa ???
hi folks,
i'm planing a new tripp overland from Germany to India or through Afrika.
start at the end of 04 or beginning 05.
i have a XTZ 750 built in 93 with 45.000 km now. Is this bike a good solution for a tripp like this???
i'm happy about all mechanical tipps or alternative bikes. Is the XTZ to heavy, or is a bike with an air-cooling system better than a water-cooled system???

thans for all comments
ride save, ride far

simmo 19 Dec 2003 00:25

It will be fantastic. Unless you are going to be by yourself in some desert remember that almost every car for the last 50 years has had a radiator.

martync 19 Dec 2003 15:03

I think I know where you are comming from with this question. If you have had water cooled bikes over the years I'd stick with the one you have.

I found my recent swap to air cooled bikes had me going mad due to all the noise they make, every little noise i thought there was something wrong etc.. Ive found water cooled to be more efficient and need less servicing and tinkering with only problem I'd see with the xtz is picking it up after a fall, there damn heavy!

AnteK 3 Jan 2004 02:09

if your overlanding plans mean offroading I suggest you to obtain singl-cylinder bike, for example, XTZ 660. I owned XTZ 750; it is a great bike on asphalt and macadam, but poor front suspension and huge fuel consumption together with all that weight limit you off the beaten tracks. XTZ 660 is much better offroader and much-much better fuel consumptor; my average is around 5 lit per 100 km. Bike is a bit of slightly underpowered, but who cares about power if your intention is not speeding much. If you are familiar with money, buy KTM Adventure 640, apsolutely the best solution if your routes contain tricky terrains.

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