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emf#53 10 Nov 2008 22:51

XT660X compared to a XT660R
Looking to do my first big trip - something like ferry to Spain then over to Morocco staying mainly on the black stuff with some gentle pistes maybe.

I have looked at a cheapish XT660X which is the supermoto version of the R but from what I can see the only differences are the front wheel size, front suspension travel - are they different forks? - and the front disc/caliper. Are these the only differences and would it be as good as the R version for what I want to do?


maxwell123455 22 Nov 2008 22:28

Hi emf#53

visit this forum as its got all the information you need to know about both XTX and XTR.


Ive an 06 XTR and there are quiet alot of differences between the X and R from suspension, brakes, swingarm, plastics and other bits and bobs but the X will handle some light off roading as long as its not wet mud, wet grass, sand or wet stuff!!! but seeing as your going to africa where its probably going to be rocky dry stuff it should be ok.

Only other thing is the X's tyres are smaller in diameter so wear out slightly faster, ie rear tyre around 3k-4k where as the R's more like 5k-6k so the R might be a better option for cost, but visit the forum (im there too) and join in the addiction of the XT660 world.

*Touring Ted* 28 Nov 2008 17:13

If its gonna be for the road the supermoto will be loads more fun and provide much better grip and handling..

If the going gets rough, the supermotos CAN and DO handle off road (supermoto racing is on and off road), but your going to be limited to road tyres wherever you go and its not going to be as comfortable for distance.

If your considering a supermoto then your looking for a road bike really which there are much better examples for travelling types..

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