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PaulJ 15 Jul 2005 17:46

XT350 Opinions/Experience please
Thinking about using this bike (amongst others) for my next trip. Wouldn't mind some feedback from all you experts out there regarding reliability/suitability for long trips/known problems/any years to avoid…any useful information really.

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Steve Pickford 15 Jul 2005 19:45

Early models made more power than later ones.

Matt Cartney 15 Jul 2005 23:35

I think that was the bike the Mondo Enduro boys used? In which case it would seem to be pretty good.

chris 16 Jul 2005 05:43

The ME boys used DR350s. I met a Dutch chap in Kenya in 1999 whose XT350 front forks had snapped. Apparently quite spectacular. He was riding down the road at the time.


PaulJ 25 Aug 2005 16:12

I have been trying out a XT350 for my next trip and my fiance is trying out the XT225 Serow.
I think the biggest negative I have found so far with the XT350 is the kickstart. I can remember numerous occasions on my last trip where I was precariously balanced after stalling and the electric start on the Transalp was a life saviour. I also know that if you drop the bike it won't kickstart for at least 5min afterwards which could be very frustrating. I haven't really ridden the bike any great distances yet so don't know what it will be like. I would imagine the narrow seat would need some extra padding and I think I can only get 150 miles on a tank in London traffic. As for reliability...well i guess only time will tell.
i have tried my fiances Serow as well. While this has electric start, it is only 225cc so I am not sure how this will perform with my 90kg and luggage. Haven't had the chance to test the fuel range on the Serow yet but apart from it's engine size, I hear nothing but good things about this little bike and a good repution for reliability is for me the best sellin gpoint any bike can have.

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yarob 26 Aug 2005 08:43

I owned a 350 xt in the late 80s. I treated it pretty like a bigger bike and wrecked the top end ( valves etc replaced under warranty).

After that I took it steady, used good oil, frequent changes and it lasted ubtil I sold it with about 30 000 klms.

What points I do remember include,
could be tricky to kickstart hot or cold,
not too bad off road but the hard starting could be annoying if you stalled in a muddy hole
with leaded petrol it would fly - I travelled from Leeds to the South of France in a couple of days for the Bol D`or ( about 1000klms)

Would I buy another? Probably not but that is because I have a KLR 250 and suits me well. If I needed something bigger I would go for a 600 XT as they are better catered for re spares and knowledge and probably do not weigh that much more.

I do not remember mpg or tyre usage etc but I do not remember it as been a problem.
All the best

thecanoeguy 31 Aug 2005 16:50

to many revs ,not enough cubes, they were never much good or popular size in oz thats for sure ,after your tour on a transalp why would you go backwards to something like this

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