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pauldelft 26 Oct 2008 18:19

XT vs XR
Hi people, been wondering for a while why the 1980's XT600's get such praise by all the rtw people here on the hubb compared to the 80's XR600 series. The bikes seem pretty similar in terms of size, performance, simplicity & build quality so why does the yamaha get mentioned so much more than the honda? I've been a long time honda fan, so i suppose the XR must be e sterling bike too for rtw travel. Any thoughts?

nrgizr 26 Oct 2008 19:46

I think it's just a numbers game. The XT was extremely popular and fashionable in the 80s throughout Europe, much more than the equivalent Honda XLs. Personally having ridden bikes form both ranges I feel the Yam single was more enjoyable and certainly had a greater fun factor to it.
I guess the XT's popularity lies in it's a comercial success and longevity hence spares still available and an engine that's known inside out by most.

The XR range is more on the par with the Yamaha TT series. They are real offroad machines designed for tough offroading without compromise or an eye for sealed surfaces and Honda have always had the edge here.

Personally if I were on a WTW trip I'd choose an XT. If I were going just to the sandy dunes of Africa an XR.

pauldelft 28 Oct 2008 18:11

oke so basically the XR is more a hardcore bike compared to the XT and the rest is just down to fashion, understood! Cheers for the answer!

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