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braindead 10 Jan 2005 20:24

XT 600s Rock !!!
Just completed another 2500mile round Morocco trip with 400 miles on the piste, on 1989 XT600s (32k km and 34k km repectively).

The bikes both Italian imports were crashed dropped involved in Goat collisions etc and both came hammering home with only 2 small faults both corrected by the rad side.

One bike suffered a broken back brake after a goatr collision and was fixed on the scene

The other had the fuel pump fail and it was bypass to complet the journey.

I cant recommend these tought workhorses enought.

Keep It Simple and it will get you home .


Matt595 16 Jan 2005 05:36

Hello Charlie

I agree that the XT is a great bike and I also do recomend them.
I've had a road spill with my ténéré in August, the bike survived fairly well, I couldn't get up again and continue as I broke my knee.
Considering the violence of the event, the ténéré coped well;
front rim broken (S shape)
Kayaba fork NO damage !!<-----
Frame NO damage, but smashed steering end metal, which is no important detail!
handlebar bended
scratch on tank, not beautiful but no leak so who cares?
gear shift lever bended

So I repaired all damage + some extra uppgrades as changing steering bearings etc
Now she's up on wheels again and runs like ever before.
I almost wanted to stop biking after the fall, cause it badly made me hesitate and consider the reality of all dangers and I kept feeling lucky having had just a broken knee..
but once home my love for the ténéré detraumatised me and got me riding again, but less uncarefully!!!

I've ridden ténéré for years and sometimes I've sold it and bought newer bikes..Husky Triumph etc
But I always sold them and bought an old ténéré again !
Simple, solid, mythical, beautiful !
What else can I say: longly tested and approved thumper with an engine improved from the XT500 model which was SPECIALLY developped for african rallys in sandy environment.
I love it !


greynomads 27 Jan 2005 20:58

Two up UK to India then 5 years around India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Last year two up UK to Timbuctou via Mauretania, Senegal, Mali and return via Gambia as well - total 12500 miles. Mileage is now 85000 miles. Never had rebore and doesn't burn oil or even use much.

Which bike? XT600Z Tenere of course.

Need I say more?

Now planning next trip to South America with same bike!

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[This message has been edited by greynomads (edited 27 January 2005).]

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