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solomonfurious 28 Nov 2009 14:43

Which would you buy?
In my search for a second hand off-road motorbike and having decided against 2 strokes this time around, I have narrowed it down to two bikes.

A 1999 Honda XR 250cc, in good condition, which looks like it's been ridden hard, but looked after by it's one owner and was nice and smooth on the test ride.


A 2008 Kawasaki KLX 250cc, which has only done 5,000km and looks in great condition, although I haven't ridden it yet.

The only potential downside to the Kawasaki is that it was made in Thailand. Whether this means it could be any less reliable or well made I simply don't know.

What do you reckon?

Thanks in advance


palace15 28 Nov 2009 18:10

Not an easy one, now days we have to watch where our motorcycles are made, the Kawasaki seems to be the obvious choice but the downside is where its made, I brought a Yamaha YBR125 for commuting with a view to it replacing my 1997 28k XLR125, the YBR is made in China and only 860miles on the clock(genuine) and guess what? its never been used in rain yet and the frame and exhaust etc is full of rust:(.

On the other hand I have a CRF230 made in Brazil, 3.5 years old, only ever jet washed, never dried or polished and that is fine.

just hope we don't have to add Thai made products to Chinese ones to avoid.

Just hope that by the time I need to ride the YBR its not 'rusted away' :oops2:

yuma simon 2 Dec 2009 01:53

I would go for the Honda if I was in your position; just make sure the price reflects its 10 years of age. I don't think the Thai made Kawis are anything to worry about, considering the (relatively) low-priced RTW Kawi, the 650 KLR, is also made in Thailand.

dave ede, I remember your predicament on mychinamoto. I think that a guy is headed your way with a YBR (I think he is headed to the UK:confused1:) from china on a new YBR (he is currently in Iran :eek3:). Perhaps he will want a new bike, and can sell you his for parts??

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