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pontiff 25 Dec 2007 12:00

Which Bike Help?
thanks in advance for any posts. i am a larger rider 6'1" 230lbs. i am interested in buying a dual sport but really need help. i am interested in taking longer trips in the future, but woud like some time at home to get familiar with my bike. i was thinking about a 650klr or maybe a bmw650 gs or new 800. i am slightly worried with myself and full gear the klr is not big enough, and i dont want to waste my time learned one bike and then having to switch to another. i also may at some point want to go two (only on a trip with vehicle support for gear)with my wife. i am not too concerned with the weight of the bike, and price is not a huge factor, but no need in spending more than i need to. in the southeast us so there would be a good bit of proper road riding, but would really like to have something more aggressive for the future. thanks again for listening.

Walkabout 25 Dec 2007 16:10

Hi and :welcome:
You've been thinking about this for a while (?) but you don't say what bikes you have ridden or what riding experience you have, or what type of surfaces you want to ride, etc etc, Nevermind, you can read into the threads in here and find views on just about any machine.
Try out the search facility or just read back through the threads.

I suggest that you could try hiring a few bikes, for a few days each, and see how you like them; it needs a few long rides to sort out what you really think of them - if you are anything like me you will consider lots of bikes, make your mind up quite frequently and then buy something else!!


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