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edorr 27 Aug 2005 17:46

Which bike?

I'm planning a cross Africa trip in 2 years time with a mate and was wanting a little advice on what bike to get. I hear xt600s are the business on my budget (a grand five hundred to two grand)What bike/year should I be looking at? Thoughts?


BCK_973 28 Aug 2005 02:14

DonĀ“t leave out of the chice a XR 650 L.You find good ones for that money.Excellent suspension and engine.But high seated!

edorr 28 Aug 2005 19:21

Thanks for the advice, it also looks a good bike. Is there any particular year or model I should be looking at?

BCK_973 29 Aug 2005 01:02

Starting with the 94 model untill 2005.Check for milage and general look.You will need a new bigger tank.You found them at ebay.de
16,22 and 40 liters(mine)

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