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maxschiavo 23 Nov 2006 02:45

what's best
dear bikers, my name is max and i really need some expert feed back since i am kind of new to bikes.
so far i have been commuting to london (20 miles) a day successfully with a lovely honda dylan 125. I am a well build bloke looking fwd to a bike.
between honda transalp 650, suzuki vstorm 650 and honda cbf 600, which one is ;
1)easier to drive in crazy traffic
2)cheaper to mantain, (roughly how much per year if you do 12000ml)
3)the one with better fuel consumption (miles to the gallon?).
I mainly commute to work but i will travel on the weekends.
what do you reccomend?
Thanks, Max

Samy 24 Nov 2006 09:11

V Strom looks as better choice
V Strom looks as better choice in this list.

beat_ 24 Nov 2006 19:32

my choise would be the transalp 600...
i just like honda's:thumbup1:

The Big J 27 Nov 2006 00:37

Someone I know commented that the V Strom was maybe a little wide making lane filtering interesting - anyone care to comment?
I've only seen a Vstrom parked up so haven't had a pleasure of adding to my wing mirror collection to verify the claim :biggrin: .

Just a comment from a new rider, don't ignore the 250s, a Honda VTR250 will propel anyone, built or not. Depends on your definition of 'travelling' as this wouldn't be great off road. Hang on I've just realised - in NZ we are restricted to 250 for first couple of years, in Britain once you're off the HP limitation you can ride anything correct? Well maybe go 650 but if you're looking to build skills the 250s are very forgiving.

Fletch 28 Nov 2006 09:10


Originally Posted by maxschiavo
I mainly commute to work but i will travel on the weekends.
what do you reccomend?

Max... must be said, I Love my Africa :biggrin3:

Geat High up vision for round town, MPG. 45-50, reliable and great fun on the lanes... (Not light though!)

Well thats my pennys worth anyway... Out of your 3, I'd take the 650 Strom though, for all the reasons Mollydog sited...

Take it easy...

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