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emptythetank 16 May 2011 16:40

what bike ???
Hey so i want to do a round the world trip and ive been looking into it and want a bike that is very capible on dirt that can still have luggage systems put onto it but i want to to have a good mpg such as 60 ish or more, was wondering if anyone knows of any brand new that is still cheap?

thanks guys

kentfallen 17 May 2011 17:12

A short question gets a short answer.

It would help if you provided a bit more information regarding your RTW proposal (potential route, budget, kit and pillion etc).

Personally I'd rate these bikes as potential steeds all of which are capable of light/medium trails -

Budget choices

Yamaha XT600 (any version)
Yamaha XT660
Honda XR650
Kawasaki KLR650

This excellent little steed is very good on hard-core offroad trails -

Suzuki DRZ400

Personally I'd recommend you look at a late (2003) Yamaha XT600E. It's still possible to find low milage mint XT6's for around £1,500. You can get 60 MPG plus from one of these if you are careful.

Please provide more information and I'm sure you will get many helpful responses.

Jtw000 24 May 2011 19:27

The cheapest and best choice going by your basic requirements is the new BMW G650gs if you want one brand new. Second hand there are literally so many choices you need to start narrowing down your options.

PocketHead 28 May 2011 00:19

The later model WR250X has very low maintenance and high mileage from the fuel injection I hear....

xfiltrate 28 May 2011 14:21

Dependable, inexpensive overland motos
2 Attachment(s)
After several years and 36,000 K (6 countries) over 10% off road, 20% rough to very

rough :mchappy:

and 70% paved roads in South America on my 2001 Honda NX 400 Falcon

single which I bought new in Buenos Aires, Argentina for $5,000.00 USD,

(2011 price new = $7,000 +USD ),

fitted out with custom made luggage frame/racks and

authentic horse saddlebags later to be Cortex 3 piece soft luggage, wind

screen, cubremanos (hand guards) , and tank bag....,

I just bought, in northern Spain, a brand new 2011 BMW G 650 GS single ,

with panniers, bash plate + engine protector, cubremanos, heated

grips, waterproof BMW stuff bag (as tail bag) touring wind screen, tank bag,

for a little over $9,000.00 Euros.

So far, 2000 K on paved roads) I am very pleased with my G650 GS and

will be riding out to Turkey and beyond next month.

In 34,000 K, I replaced the chain 3 times on the Honda NX400, the clutch

once, but it never let me down, never refused to start, even under extreme

heat, cold, rain and altitude.

The BMW G650 GS handles much better, has a fantastic 1st gear ratio for off

road and loaded tops out at over 160 k per hour. The Honda NX400, on a

good day, loaded, might top out at 130, maybe.

Speed limits in Spain have been reduced to 110k max - and the Honda would

have done well, but the BMW can easily cruise at 130 all day and night.

The BMW vibration issue seems not as bad as I had suspected and much less

than the Honda.

Elisa did the same 34,000 K in South America, 12,000K on her new Honda

XR250 Tornado (purchase price in Buenos Aires today + $5,000 USD) and

24,000 K on her own new Honda NX400 Falcon. She also bought a new BMW

G650 GS here in northern Spain. She liked the XR250 off road better than

the NX400 but liked the NX400 better for highway riding. She likes the BMW

G650 GS off road and on....better than either Honda.

WE WILL REPORT to this thread during our upcoming tour to

Turkey and beyond.


2001 Honda NX400 Falcon (Argentina)

2 BMW G650 GS singles Loaded + BMW F650/800 GS (Spain)

Elisa and her G650 GS (Spain)

1986 Harley Davidson 883/1200 Sportster (Argentina)

I included a photo of my Harley as we have only recently become

"B M u-b-istas" and surprisingly the Harley, once bored out and made new....

did very well in Argentina, on and off road.....!!!!


brclarke 16 Jun 2011 22:29

IMHO... in much of the world, if you are riding solo anything bigger than a 250cc is just a waste. When you're riding down a rough potholed road, a larger heavier bike is just that much harder to pick up if (when) you fall over...

Honda and Yamaha can be found in pretty much every country. If I were doing an extended trip in the developing world, I would get something like a Honda or Yamaha dualie in the 125 to 350 range.

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