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icarus 2 Oct 2007 01:04

Want to hear your opinion...
Hi guys,

Initially we thought about buying two new Enfields in Kathmandu but thanks to another member of this forum we know there are a few used Honda’s for sale at a shop in Kathmandu. Now I want to hear your opinion. What would you do, buy new Enfields (500cc Electra 5S) or two of those second hand Honda’s. This is what Peter told me about the Honda’s:

1. XR350, about 1990, chassis no. starts with JH2NE, looks reasonably original, although the speedo has been changed and there is a Supertrapp exhaust. It has been used in the dirt (even yesterday). Chain and sprockets good (not O-ring), new piston and rebore, but head gasket seems to be leaking oil already. Rear drum brake. Asking 450000 Rs.

2. XR400, 2007 model. Looks very good and original, O-ring chain in good condition, needs tyres. 600000 Rs
3. XR250, about 1992, new piston being fitted at the moment. Front tyre about 50%, new rear tyre with cross tread. Chain and sprockets over 50%.
350000 Rs.

These bikes seem to have been used what they were built for, i.e. dirt riding. There are no touring accessories fitted. You would have to bring in your own big tanks, but racks could be built locally, if you have a design they can work on.

Also what do you think about price? They seems expensive to me?
Modifications… what would you suggest to add/replace on the Honda’s to go travelling (Nepal & India).


icarus 19 Oct 2007 16:47

No one.........? :(

HendiKaf 19 Oct 2007 17:34

I Will Have Tendency To Buy An Xr Because They Are Really Fun To Ride But For What You Guys Want To Do It May Be Easyer To Get Parts For The Royal Enfield , During Your Trip You May Need To Fix Or Replace Something And My Experience Say That Its Always Better To Ride What Local Use.

hell.ceaser 19 Apr 2010 19:38

If you are found to be trying to advertise here without permission your posts will be removed

Hi there,
I came to know from your post that you found Honda XR400R model in one of the stores in kathmandu, Nepal. Since, I am interested in this bike, I would like to request you to kindly provide me the name, location and the contact details of the seller where you saw the bike. I hope that you'll co-operated with me in this matter. Regards, AJ (hell.ceaser@gmail.com)

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