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Duke777 30 Aug 2007 13:29

Twisted Throttle No Equal
This may be the wrong Forum category but regardless of the bike you buy you can definitely get it outfitted through these guys. This story is so good I had to give props to Twisted Throttle for coming through. I have been planning a trip to maritime Canada for several weeks now, but of course all the gear to get my V-Strom ready comes the day before i am supposed to leave, no thanks to my procrastination.

So I am at my garage, which living in an urban area is 8 blocks from my apt, scrambling to get everything on, exhaust, aux lights, new cowl, light bar, Motech engine guard and skid plate. I grab the engine guard and start screwing it in and notice it fits all wonky. I look at the directions and read DL650. Damn! Wrong engine guard and I am leaving tomorrow and its friggin 6:09pm - no way Twisted Throttle is still open. I grab the TT catolog, the one that comes with every order no matter how small so there is one for the coffee table, the bed-side table, the john, the garage etc. The catolog states they are open til 6:30, F-Yeah! Where is my phone?! Back at the apt! I hop on the KTM race home get phone, bathroom catalog and dial. 6:18pm Eric at TT answers, probably has his jacket on ready to leave. I dish him my dilemna. He says that the UPS pick had been by at 4pm but that he would make some calls and get back to me.

So 10 minutes later, back at the garage, i get a phone call from Josh of TT, saying one of their guys with a KLR and package bungied to the bike set off to track down the UPS truck. Then 10 min later Eric calls to follow-up, the guy with the KLR caught the truck and i'd be getting my engine guard tomorrow. NO CHARGE for shipping overnight!!

Come on!! Service does not exceed what the Prince's of the adventure moto parts world did for me!! Thanks Twisted Throttle I will sing your praises til i am 6 ft under!!

mollydog 30 Aug 2007 20:36

Erik at Twisted Throttle has done a great job!

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