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Kennichi 26 Jan 2009 17:23

TT600R vs TE610 ?
If you had a choice between a TE610 and a Yam TT600RE to cross the Eurasian Continent Manchester UK to Vladivostok with a foray into Mongolia and then be shipped to LA to continue on (this bit is still as yet undecided in that we might go to KL city Malaysia and ride back cross the bay of Bengal and ride back through India , Pakistan and Iran , or cross over to the US or go to Aus). Both 2001 models , either will be loaded with 35-40 kilos of spares tent etc on the back.



8.5:1 compression ie will be fine on any of the lower octane petrol I can find in Russia and Mongolia.

Its a Yamaha based on the XT600E , its indestructable and parts are going to be easier to source.

5-6000 mile service intervals

Dual flow carb for better MPG


160 kilo or 352lb kerb weight

Dual flow carb = more bits to go wrong.
Getting the 3000 miles out of Europe will be unpleasant as the gear box isn't as wide as the TE610.



It is light 140kilo kerb weight 319lbs, easier to pick up when dropped and should be more forgiving on mud / sand / dunes

It has more power than the TT600RE

Wide ratio gear box and 6th will make easy work of getting the 3000 miles out of Europe.


11:1 compression will run badly on <90 Octane petrol 60-85 is the norm in Mongolia and some parts of Russia. Though octane booster will be carried the real stuff which is too dangerous to sell to the public.

Parts availibility , this trip may not have any home support ie nobody in the UK to DHL spares to me if things go wrong.

Its not a big 4 bike ie Yam/Suzi/Honda/Kawak which makes me think hmm

Shorter 3000mile service intervals including valves (which is ok).

stock tanks don't matter so much as the one that is chosen will get a 21 litre acerbis tank and a 5 litre spare can will be carried anyway..

Both I can buy 2nd hand for almost exactly the same amount of money and both have about 15000km on them already, but the final contender will have a bash plate crash bars and small screen for motorway work, subframe will be braced to prevent breakage.

Your opinions please. The Africa twin is out of the running completely...


backofbeyond 26 Jan 2009 18:12

I haven't ridden either of them so any advice I can give is probably worth nothing but whilst my heart might say TE610, my head and whatever experience I have says TT. With the sort of trip you're doing actually starting every morning when you walk up to it is a major consideration and I think, over the long term, the TT is more likely to keep doing this.

Not having to carry octane booster would be a big plus for me. Last time I did the bottle broke from vibration on a corrugated piste, converting the bottom of the pannier into a toxic waste dump. I had to chuck away loads of stuff.

bikerfromsark 26 Jan 2009 18:34

Hi will be the first to reply to this. I was in a very simular position 2 years ago. before I rode Channel Islands to Cape Town. In short I chose the TT600RE. Once I had it, however I found, I had to change the suspention as the stock stuff was crap. (the TE has pretty good) This was £350 for a rear shock from white power and TTR600 front forks second hand £180. After this done it was great! You mention power, yes I was always wanting more power-then again I normaly ride sports bikes. The biggest reason I went for the TT was the avaliabty of aftermarket kit for it. There are large tanks (19ltr) for the TE avaiable but only second hand, and are as rare as hens teath. I have never seen one! There are quite a few bikes with the large tank in Europe-husky had some models with the large tank as standard the was called the LT I belive, check it out.

If you plan to ride with soft luggage then not too bad, but as far as i know there are no racks/ alu panniers for the Husky.
Spare parts wise don't plan on there being any, this was also one of the reasons I went for the Yam, however I found once on the road, after western europe there were no yamaha shops that had ever seen a TT600RE! lots of 125DTs but nothing else. In russia I guess there would be even less! You might be able to come across the odd XT. However I would't expect the ower would be too keen to take his bike apart and give you the part you need, indeed if it would be transpherable. also the xt you come across proably would have far far more kms than you bike would have!

Another consideration is lighting, no one plans to ride at night but occasionly it happens. the Yamaha is not only useless but dangerious in this area. I fitted a bigger one and mounted it higher up. I cant comment on the Husky but from the pictures I doute it is much better.

Let us know what you decide!


bikerfromsark 26 Jan 2009 18:36

OK seems I was not actually first to reply!

backofbeyond 26 Jan 2009 18:40


Originally Posted by bikerfromsark (Post 225451)
OK seems I was not actually first to reply!

You were the first to reply with a helpful post :offtopic:

ShaunJ 26 Jan 2009 19:46


Originally Posted by Kennichi (Post 225429)
Getting the 3000 miles out of Europe will be unpleasant as the gear box isn't as wide as the TE610.

If you see this as a major downside how easily can the sprockets be changed. Maybe up the gearing before leaving then change back before leaving europe and ship back the sprockets.

Just a thought

bikerfromsark 26 Jan 2009 20:21

This is very much my opion ie riding style. but I never found the top end speed a problem, once loaded up you really wont be riding above 130kph really, which the TT600RE will sit at happly all day. From the research I did on the 3AJ engine series the 5th gear has a problem pitting with high milage so I felt that razing the gearing might acclerate this wear. but don't worry about this wear as standard because it takes along time! My TT600RE (2003) had 63'000km on the clock, only thing that I have changed is the rear sprocket bearing at 50'000km.

When I refered to lack of power it was more the accleration and the 'fun' factor that I lacked. still she will lift happy in first, and with a little flick of the clutch 2 gear is up as well.

I quite often I think would I worry about a tenere's speed? After all its the same engine-basically.

On both bikes a windscreen will be a mod you will love, without a windscreen I only rode at a max of 100kph. with I was happy at 140+


The best advice is go out and ride them, then go with your heart. you must love the bike.

[IMG]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/George/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Trans-africa%2007%2008/Good/Facebook%20pics/dahab%20to%20sudan%20587.jpg[/IMG]p.s. The lower seat hight with the stock suspention can be nice when overlanding.

bikerfromsark 26 Jan 2009 20:25

Abit more info! this a question I posted a while ago.


Kennichi 27 Jan 2009 15:38

Thanks guy TT600R it is , I thought it was an RE but its an R only which is even better as I prefer kickers, as your leg is going to get tired way before your battery is.


stuxtttr 27 Jan 2009 17:00

I think having a reliable electric start bike is worth its weight in gold. Having the back up of a kickstart is great but you can always carry some compact jumper leads. If you injure your legs you can still pull yourself onto a lecky start bike and get to help even if you have to change gear with your hand !

sanderd 8 Feb 2009 19:48


so far i did 45000km on my TT600R, not RE, no real problems so far. the main problem with kickstarting at this point is that it starts getting a problem starting it in in-between temperatures. cold and hot is fine, in between its a PITA. Also i noticed that i have to adjust idle a lot (higher idle helps starting) with altitude changes. Maybe my carb starts wearing??

oh, i do not really agree with the 130kph speeds all day being fine, maybe the bike is, but yourself?? 100/110 with luggage is durable, faster is not. Not fun in USA on highways..

In windy conditions even slower in 4th. I have a windscreen mounted.

I think of gearing it down 1 tooth in front, to cruise at 90-110 in fifth comfortably here in central america thats about as fast you can/want. also better up-hill

pm me if you have questions about aftermarket parts, a guy in Germany sells an awesome luggage system.

check my pics/blog


El Ray 1 Jan 2011 12:10

Magic button Husky
I went for the TE610E, for riding in South America (2001>2008).
Very good on or off the road.
Sold the first one and got another from the UK.
Both are still running round Ecuador/Peru at 70+thousand k's on original engines.
One had new rings at 54'000k's and the second needs them at 70 thousand.
I suspect that cam chains and such should be replaced when the rings are done next time.
One bike blew the fork seals at 22'000 but only once.
Suspension works very well even 2up and loaded.
Seat is not that great for 2 people but works ok.
DO NOT change the mufflers as they provide support for the rear sub frame and the sub frame WILL crack if the muffler "support" is removed.
No trouble with poor fuel or altitude.
Factory 20L tank fitted when new.
Very easy to work on with few tools.

I will post some photos when I can.

TE610 1993
TE610E 2001

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