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Kennichi 17 Feb 2009 19:24

TT600R vs DR650?
Which one? , ARGE is driving me nuts after selling the Africa Twin and nearly getting a hernia lifting it into the back of a pickup truck I have the money to buy another bike for the big trip , bike then visas etc....

I've got two choices :

A DR650 a 2001 model electric start.

Or a TT600R 2001 model (kicker only)

TT600R ~
lighter and better suspension , and kicker (I like kickers) , twin carb for better high speed crusing getting out of Europe.


Tiny fuel tank 10litres

Nobody has ever heard of it not even my local Yam dealer = slightly harder to source parts but thats ok major bits will be replaced before departing.

Its reputed to have electrical issues which nobody seems able to quantify other than electrical issues

Twin carb = more bits to go wrong.
No battery = need to put in a charging circuit for my electronic toys.

Indestructable and only 3 flaws which can be fixed before departure (a chain roller bearing , the neutral light switch in the engine and something else I forget)
Leccy start
17 litre tank

Battery for charging up toys

Bad ~
7-10 kilos more than the TTR600R
Not as good suspension as stock
They leak oil due to gasket design.

They are both so close in their spec with good and bad bits I can't decide.

Range isn't a massive issue though in that I'm going to carry 2 10 litre jerry cans.

Any thoughts?


buebo 17 Feb 2009 23:12

just some stuff on the TTR. I have one as well but haven't ridden it much so far, other than one weekend toying with it in the snow and dirt.

The electrics of the bike are really simple and imho not much to worry about. In it's stock form it does not have a battery, but you can put a small one in there to act as a bigger buffer for some electrical toys (e.g. GPS, Roadbook, whatever).

Be aware though that the stator has a pretty low output, so running heated grips along with a 55w headlight might not be possible (haven't tried yet...).

Also there's a bigger fuel tank made by Acerbis which holds 20 liters. At the moment there's a bunch of them on ebay.co.uk, you can also get them at kedo.com or at off-the-road.de here in germany, they'll probably ship to the uk as well...

I don't know about your offroading abbilities but mine are true crap, probably because I haven't done any so far. Gave it a first try the last weekend and I was very suprised about how well I managed with the TT. It feels a bit like riding a tractor because of the (seemingly) massive torque of the bike. It might not look like much on paper, but in mud and on steep hills it just feels like the bike will pull you through anything.

I don't have any idea on how it compares to the DR though....

Kennichi 19 Feb 2009 22:56

Thanks , the TT600R has a huge problem though I think its too high 935mm seat height , and thats the only problem and there don't seem to be any lowering kits for it....:( ...

buebo 20 Feb 2009 13:36

The TTR is high, no doubt about it, but it's also pretty narrow. I'm 1,75m and I can ride it without any problems, although I can only get one foot on the ground and I need to put it on the side stand to kick it on when it's cold.

With 17" Super Moto wheels I can even kick it on without the side stand.

If you have the chance just try it out you'll know more.

Kennichi 20 Feb 2009 14:48

Tried it today , I can get the ball of my foot down no more, while I'm sat on it, seems problematic and theres no way to reduce the height other than wind down the shock according to David Lambeth, the 250 has lowering kit (according to Lois Pyrce)...

The DR650 can be lowered to to 800mm via a different shock hole and the front forks can take 2cm through the yokes without bottoming out.

Pigford 28 Aug 2009 19:07


I just sold an old DR600 (1986) which had 50,000 kms... was a good old bike, but getting a bit 'long in the tooth'.. :thumbdown: Leaked oil here & there, but pretty tough, gear box was still OK, kick started OK, economical and basic motor.

So, I have just got hold of a TTR600RE (2004) with only 6,000 kms. Its about the same weight as the DR, but as so much newer, is nice & smooth (ride & power) and as already debated, a bit taller.

Minus points are lack of accessory choice & manuals are like hens teeth :frown:

Only just got the bike so don't have an in depth view yet, but so far - so good. But as its only a revision of the old XT, nice & simple mechanically. Another plus :clap: coz they ain't so popular as DR's, is they are a fair bit cheaper... got mine for £1900 with new a Mot & Skorpion Pirelli's :cool4:

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