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Jakeklr 15 Dec 2008 01:37

the truth about the Jialing X-Treme JH150GY-2
OK, I googled up info from Publimotos, I think a Colombian moto mag. The Jialing 150 is a good bike, especially for chasing cows and stuff like that. But slow acceleration in the higher gears with a max. speed of 95 km. The lower gears said to be great. Rear shock too much rebound on tarmac. No skid plate.
Nice bike, but dangerous on the highway. I am used to power on the KLR650, and when I decide to pass a truck, it takes me only a small flip of the wrist, and five milliseconds. The Yamaha I gave negative info about must be the XT series of this year. So, the search continues. Must have more power for the highway, slow bikes the truckers here call cucaracha, nah, that´s not me.

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