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floyd 29 Oct 2010 20:31

Transalp or 650gs single
Which one? 2005 gs or 2007 transalp

options on both £3000 for the alp 6k part service history with luggage

£2750 for the bm 10k fsh with luggage, transalp with extra topbox as well as luggage


Bike will need to pull two up with luggage occassionally, up to 150 miles each way

Nigel Marx 29 Oct 2010 22:10

The GS will be noticeably better on fuel, if that's any help. I have owned a TankSlap, and currently own a GS. Even so, I cannot tell you which is better! Some days I lean one way, some days the other, but every time I gas up, I like the GS!

Cheers bloke

Nigel in NZ

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