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zx6r 14 Feb 2005 21:43

too many choices....
hello all

i'm thinking about new bikes to do some distance on both on and off road came up with these new trails

yamaha tt600re, suzuki drz400s, honda xr650r, ktm640 enduro

needs to be able to carry some luggage one up, i dont want to be confined to the road so off road ability is important, maybe im asking to much of a bike.

its a pity they dont make the klr and the tenere any more i wonder why they stopped

anyways thanks for looking any advice or experience would be great


ekaphoto 16 Feb 2005 00:57

My DR-Z is good off road and on. Not as comfortable as some but light and easy to handle. I recommend it. Also Kawasaki is still making the KLR 650 as far as I know. IMHO if you are going off road the DR-Z is a better choice. Depending on your weight and amount of baggage I recommend upgrading the fork and shock spring no matter what bike you get including KTM. Stock bikes are rated for 180 lb ride max. Usually rider plus luggage is more than that.


MaxKX 25 Feb 2005 04:59

For me it would have to be the DRZ or XR. Plenty of bits for the two of them. XR could be a bit big for the Offroad stuff if your not up to it. DRZ S is a bit on the some side for the offroad stuff but wouldnt take much to sort it out.

richardb 25 Feb 2005 14:18

main problem I see with the DRZ is a small fuel tank. Depending on the mix of on/off road - what about the BMW F650?


Matt595 25 Feb 2005 14:31

big front fork is great to serious offroad.
XR is better for driving with luggage.
though I have fears concerning its aluminium frame, tensile strength, hard to repair etc.
What about seriously uppgrading an old "camel" instead, you'll get performance and keep some money.

Good luck,


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RichLees 26 Feb 2005 04:30

XR: the ally frame is fine. I've done thousands of km off road with rear tanks (extra 40kg with fuel and water) and no problems
wanna do a trade for your ZX6R? I fancy getting back into endos!

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ekaphoto 26 Feb 2005 12:59


Originally posted by richardb:
main problem I see with the DRZ is a small fuel tank. Depending on the mix of on/off road - what about the BMW F650?

IMS and Clark both make larger fuel tanks. I have the 4 gal on mine. There is a place in australia that makes one about 7 gal if you feel you need that much.


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