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T3hirdeye 22 Nov 2010 02:39

Thoughts requested...riding a Goldwing through Europe
I want to do a one-year tour of Europe on my '06 1800 Goldwing. I'll be traveling solo and don't plan any off-road excursions. Can anyone think of any problems I might have with the Goldwing? (I've ridden from Washington D.C. to Alaska 10,000 miles in five weeks and last year, D.C. to Nova Scotia). Also, any thoughts on pulling a trailer?
Herbert Green

hmadams 22 Nov 2010 03:42

If cars, rv's, and trucks can do it so can a Goldwing. Only problem I see is fuel costs, but distances are short between countries. Toll roads can be quite expensive, but who wants to ride autopistas? Roads are very good in Europe. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm headed over in June for a few months, sans bike...doing an auto lease this time.

Quandary 22 Nov 2010 03:51

Hey Herbert

I agree with hmadams. If you can ride your bus, :oops2: sorry I mean your goldwing around the US then Europe is no problems.


T3hirdeye 23 Nov 2010 02:30

OK, thanks....
Quandry and hmadams.....thanks for the reassurance. The trip is no. one on my bucket list (I'm 68)...figure I've got to get going if I'm going to do it. Any particular thoughts on pulling a trailer and camping out a bit?

Quandary 23 Nov 2010 02:45


Again, if you can pull a trailer in the US then Europe is no probs. Would be rather expensive (I would think) to get a Gold Wing and a trailer to Europe(?)

When I was last in Europe I was unfortunately on 4 wheels but was blown away with the number of bikes that would pass me on extremely!! good "back roads" making me so envyous.

My wife is Dutch and I know that in the Netherlands they have a thing called mini camping. I'm sure other counrtries would do the same but its where you camp in some farmers paddock and use there barn wash room as ammenities etc. very cheap, very nice. We did a bit of that in the Netherlands and stayed in F1 motels in France, Spain, Belgium etc. Google them, they're cheap but not nasty.

Hope some of this is of help.

Marty (Quandary)

T3hirdeye 24 Nov 2010 01:10

Thanks again for quick reply. I am thinking of flying the Wing and trailer from Newfoundland to Scotland or Ireland. I project being in Europe for six months to one year and think I must spend a lot of time in campgrounds to make the budget work.

judgejoe 24 Nov 2010 02:22

Hi T3hrideye: I am in a similar situation (age 65). My wife and I went to South America (2009-2010). We are shipping our bike (GS 1150) with Stephan from Knopf out of Germany, in March from Florida. We start our European excursion in June 2011. During my planning process, I came across a number of Europeans, usually British, riding 1800s through Europe. One of them was pulling a trailer. In addition to Horizons Unlimited, I came across a British site, UKGSer.com, which has been helpful in the accommodations area. Also, there is an excellent book, just published, called Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe by Toby Ballentine. It can be purchased through Amazon.com. He details great secondary road rides that emphasizes camping sites, the medieval period, and military history. Are you going 2 up and when do you anticipate leaving? PM me.

Threewheelbonnie 24 Nov 2010 07:57

I don't want to put you off, so please take the following only as some tips and suggestions:

I'd reconsider about landing in the UK (Ireland might be better, but very few big bikes there). You are going to need insurance on top of the import paperwork. In the UK, HM Customs and excise are very (stupidly) strict about such things and UK insurance companies are rip off merchants and idiots who won't insure you without a permanant UK address.

I'd aim for Germany first, they are much more efficient and flexible in such matters and there will be no real language barrier in any of the major cities. Once you are on the Autobahn you are free to go anywhere you like in the EU, including the UK.

If you do come to the UK first, get your insurance sorted before you land. If your US company will issue a green card that's the way to go.

The trailer BTW might cause you hassle in Spain and Italy. The locals aren't allowed to tow with anything smaller than a car. Telling Franco trained goons they can **** off as EU law supercedes Spanish law isn't fun.


MarkShelley 24 Nov 2010 10:10

Why on earth would you need a trailer if you are travelling solo on a Goldwing!

jkrijt 24 Nov 2010 12:36

Riding a Goldwing in Europe is no problem at all. I used to own a GoldWing for a long time and realy like to ride around Europe on the GoldWing.
Look for some trip reports that may be usefull for you on my website www.xs4all.nl/~jkrijt/

For information about my area (in the Netherlands) look on the HU Communitypage I made on Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Community, Region Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

oldbmw 24 Nov 2010 20:45


Originally Posted by T3hirdeye (Post 313493)
Quandry and hmadams.....thanks for the reassurance. The trip is no. one on my bucket list (I'm 68)...figure I've got to get going if I'm going to do it. Any particular thoughts on pulling a trailer and camping out a bit?

This September I did a mini tour of Europe just me on my Enfield. A mix of camping and using hotels. It should not be a problem on a goldwing, or anything else. just make a point of riding well within yours and the bikes capabilities. I am 66.
I would like to visit Stalingrad and Kursk next year but it is a little daunting for me and may not happen.
If possible I would avoid the trailer , simply because you will find Europe not to be as spacious as the USA.

electric_monk 24 Nov 2010 21:08


Originally Posted by Threewheelbonnie (Post 313659)
(Ireland might be better, but very few big bikes there)


T3hirdeye 24 Nov 2010 23:32

WOW.....lot's of posts....can't answer all, but most appreciate the kind comments and advice. Yeah, maybe bringing a trailer is not a good idea...that's the kind of thing I wanted to learn from all you experienced guys. Do other's agree that it's best to begin my journey in Germany?
Regards to all for your comments.

T3hirdeye 24 Nov 2010 23:39

As a new member, am not allowed to PM until I have made at least five-posts. I will probably be going alone as my wife (great passenger that she is) will stay with the cats. I hope to start next summer. I will get the book. Regards,

judgejoe 25 Nov 2010 18:49

Hi T3hrideye: I have PM'd you.

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