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stfox 16 Oct 2005 00:37

Suggestions for a first bike

Hi Folks
I am planning a UK-> Capetown trip via the Eastern route. At the moment I don't have a bike licence but have booked in for a 5 day course (Full Unrestricted Category A Licence via the Direct Access Scheme).

I would like to know what experienced riders would suggest as a first bike. Should I buy my intended touring bike straight off (BMW F650GS) or due to my lack of experience should I buy a smaller bike and then upgrade to the touring bike once I have more experience?



mcdarbyfeast 16 Oct 2005 01:28

I would think an F650GS couldn't be bettered as a first bike. There's not that much power, relatively low seat height and cheap to insure LB.

Matt Cartney 16 Oct 2005 03:40

Yes, I agree, and would do the trip too. Or a Yamaha XT600E like what I've got. Simple, reliable, forgiving bike. Other 'medium sized' bikes I considered were the Transalp and the KLE500. In some ways I think the longer you have the bike you are going to do the trip on the better, more chance to learn its little niggles etc. and to be fully up to speed on maintenance issues etc.

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