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Caleyman 28 Mar 2007 20:49

Sprint ST in Eastern Europe

I have an 02 Spirnt ST, and i am planning to take to Eastern Europe through Poland, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria before crossing through Alabania into Croatia and then back up to the UK about October.

I have had various reports about the poor condition of the roads and i have been told that if i take my time Romania & Bulgaria should be ok.I dont really wanna buy another bike, as id rather spend the money when im out there. Has anybody out there been to these countries that could tell me if the bike should be ok for the trip.


Margus 29 Mar 2007 06:22

Poland and Hungary, most part Croatia the roads are OK.

But Romaina, Bulgaria, Albania - I'd better take a big trailie for the best suitability there on the potholed roads. But if you're very careful it's sure doable with "plasticky" tourer like Sprint ST too. Just stick on the main roads mosty, altough it's one of the most boring ways of MC travel. But if you really wanna go, your bike, what ever it is, isn't the issue (85% rider 15% bike principe) if you're rider enough, imho.

Good roads, Margus

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