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paddyT 7 Nov 2008 07:17

So does my Pegaso have a collapsible front end too?
With all the stories of the forks of 650 BMWs breaking,I'm starting to have a minor panic about my Pegaso.
Does anyone know of similar problems with the (right way up) forks on the Pegasos. Mine is a 2002 and has just faultlessly taken me 25,000kms through N America in the last 5 months.
I'm just about to head to TdF and need reassuring words!

wuming 7 Nov 2008 15:48

Can you post some pics of your forks?

Threewheelbonnie 7 Nov 2008 16:14

I think they are not the same.

The F650 (Funduro, Strada, ST etc.) 1993-2000 was an Aprillia design, the only major difference being BMW bought a 4 valve 2 spark Rotax rather than the 5 valve 1 spark. Nearly every service part was the same.

In 2000 BMW cut all ties with Aprillia to avoid paying for the design work they did, started manufacture and design in house and introduced FI, ABS etc. F650 GS, CS and Dakar are totally BMW except for the Rotax engine.

My thought that the Pegaso does not have the same forks would also (I think) tie up because Aprillia did not offer ABS and so don't have holes for the sensors? If this is correct some internal parts might be the same but the fork lowers are different.

A picture would show this easily.


paddyT 9 Nov 2008 03:34

Thanks for the info
Thanks very much for the info. I'll post a picture when I can work out how to...., but there is definately no ABS, though otherwise they look very similar to the photos already posted.

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