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XRlover 30 Apr 2010 08:18

Should i find a used XR650L or 2009 XR650L worth the MSRP? HELP!
so the dealership i was dealing with had a 2007 xr650l that i was trying to buy on finance and in some errors between not getting the right phone number to get back to me and getting my credit app they sold the bike right from under my nose. now i dont really blame them cuz they are there to sell the bike but they could have told me for gods sakes before making me come down to the dealership an hour away...

anyway i digress.. im in california and i havnt seen many of the newer XR650l models out so im wondering if the newer ones are even worth the ticket price, when i was down at the shop man did that brand new 2009 look shiny i wanted to take it home!!

so bottom line is buying a new dual sport worth it? good/bad investment? where i am at the msrp is $6499 plus a load of fees which will probably make it around $7000. my biggest problem is i will be financing the bike so i need to gt it from a certified dealership i can't buy one straight out yet but cashflow is coming in soon..

i plan to use this thing a lot and beat it to death so i will def get my use out of it in the meantime. eventually i want to make it an adventure bike

anyone have any input. is a 2009 worth it?

bigalsmith101 30 Apr 2010 09:06

my 2 cents
2 of my friends are doing RTW's (27,000 HARD miles so far via England, Europe, the Stans, Russia, Mongolia, Road of Bones, USA) on a 2004, and 2007 XR650L. Both bought used, and for great deals.

My suggestion. Search Craiglook.com, it is the entire USA craiglist system thrown into one awesome webpage. You will find very many xr650l's for great prices. If you can hold out and put down $3000 cash, My bet is that you can find a 2005-6 for that price, and likely with less then 8,000 miles.

California is JAM PACKED with used XR650L's. I once saw a 2007 with 6500 miles go for $2700 in Portland, Or. I search the site every day. You will have no problem finding one in California.

I would NOT buy a new one, but instead, would most definitely buy used. You can also apply for a bank loan that would allow you to finance a used bike sold via craigslist. That is another option. You do not have to be financed by the dealer.

Many people pay for these bikes outright or get 2-3 year loans and pay them off quickly but hardly ride the dang things. Then they want out, so they sell cheap. Thats what you are looking for, not a dealer priced dousing from the rip off hose. :oops2:

bigalsmith101 30 Apr 2010 09:15

check these out. great deals.
Just a sampling of the things you can find on Craiglook.com.

This took me all of 5 minutes to find. Less probably.


2005 XR 650L street legal


2006 Honda XR650L ( Low Miles)

2004 Honda XR650L, Enduro, Dual Sport

XRlover 30 Apr 2010 18:16

good advice bigal! yea i tried getting a loan for a bike a while back and the bank told me that they don't give out loans for that small amount of cash they said they only give loans for houses and stuff so i duno about all that. i'd love to be able to find a used one but im afraid to be taking someone elses broken machine.

never heard of craiglook i'll have to check that out! thanks for the info i think im going to try to find one used. my impression was that the easiest way was to finance from the dealership and i havn't been able to find another dealer that have one of these used in stock.

another big problem i have is transportation. all the motos you listed are waay down south. i am up north in san francisco. its hard to find a bike that i can get to and its a pain to get around to check out bikes

Mickey D 30 Apr 2010 19:05

2001 Honda XR650R XR650 - Street Legal - Reduced Price

2001 Honda xr650L

2000 Xr 650L Clean Street Legal
this one looks really good, its in Fairfax

'94 Honda XR650L

2003Honda XR650L

2003Honda XR650L

Pay cash, don't finance. Save up until your ready. Getting a loan will nearly double the cost of the bike.

XRlover 30 Apr 2010 20:03

i get paid sporadically in larger amounts so its hard to save up with all the other expenses i have but easier to pay off a loan much faster. plus its really hard for me to save money because when i have it i usually need to spend it haha! i need it mainly for work and getting around and the occasional trail ride. i dont plan on letting the loan go for the full 48 months or whatever i plan on paying it off in the first year

bigalsmith101 30 Apr 2010 20:55

If you can
pay off a loan, but can't save money, your priorities may need a second glance.

Unless you are willing to pay more in the long run, which WILL NOT earn you as much satisfaction as paying in full, don't take a loan.

Debt is SLAVERY. When you owe money, you are tied it the debt, and it owns, you.

Save money now. Pay yourself first, and then the bills. Then pay later.

I have no doubt that you can do it.


XRlover 30 Apr 2010 22:49

well my priorities are mainly getting to and from work because im always in different locations all the time. and of course i can save the money but i can't say that in the mean time i wont find something else to spend the money on. im a bad spender!! getting the loan just ensures that i won't blow the cash on something else!

i figure its going to costs me $50 a month to take the damn bus and not to mention the hastle that goes along with it.

i guess you're probably right tho i'm jut so damn impatient with these kinds of things when i know i should be very patient when it comes to something like a moto.

i found a nice 2000 xr650l for $2800 now that makes me happy the guys says its very clean and runs perfect. 2 owners and only 7800 miles on it. i just hope theres nothing wrong with it.

are there any differences between a 2000 and a 2007+ model? besides cosmetics. i heard there was a problem with the old engines that used to overheat due to lack of cooling the oil. do you know if this is this still a problem?

Baron Bolton 1 May 2010 00:04

My 2 cents..
There is almost no difference between a 1990 bike and 2009. They are incredibly good bikes. I've put just shy of 30,000 on mine, and all in all it's been incredibly good.

I'd got for one that's a few years old, well looked after and low miles. Hard to go wrong, and I'll bet you'd find one for $2,500 if you were happy to spend a week or two looking.
Personally I'd go almost anywhere for the right bike, get a greyhound and ride it home. My advice.

XRLover, I've put mine through hell, and it's been strong as an Ox. Only problem I found was odd noises when I used silly thin oil (5W/30) in silly high temperatures (Phoenix, last week). They are very very good bikes. I have owned dozens of bikes, and this is the only one I'd take on a long overland trip.

BigAl, great to see you on here. What a website eh!? I hope to see you when I'm back in the PNW at the end of summer.

bigalsmith101 1 May 2010 02:41

The Baron Speaks!
XRlover, I am going to assume... You are about as old as I (23) and younger than Baron Bolton (27?)

BaronBolton has some good info on the XR650, and I would heed his advice on that bike for sure.

His comment about a $2500 bike is not TOO uncommon. They are out there, and I even saw a 2006 go for that price (albeit it was in Alabama)

Save hard, look hard, and buy right. That's my moto.


XRlover 1 May 2010 02:57

heh bigal what tipped you off? im 24 hehe nice guess.. yea ive been looking and im definitely buying no other bike than an xr650l from everyones feedback im totally sold on them.

what year is yours baron? what kind of mods do you have on there? if i cant find one with a bigger tank im getting one for sure. and a small sheild and a new seat definitely.

i found about 10 of them within 200 miles of here so i am in the process of weeding out the bad ones. my only problem is i just moved here so im not familiar with how to get to places with public transportation. id have no problems doing that and riding it back. heck i might even take the ferry up to larkspur to check out a 2000 stock model for $2800 (ill talk him down of course)

plus not to mention in the back of my mind is the fear of traveling hours on end in a bus to get somewhere just to find something wrong with the bike or the person selling it hasn't been honest. i like to grill motorcycle sellers and some of them get a little frustrated... i mean do they wana sell it or not?!

bigalsmith101 2 May 2010 03:38

It's the young people...
that rush into things. I've been in your shoes.

Check out BaronBoltons webpage gabe-rtw.co.uk for a good idea of what he did to his bike. Check out the bike, and bike prep links on the left side. He stayed a couple nights at my place, I've seen both his, and his companions bikes. XR650L's, and both are kickin butt.

Go haggle with the guys and buy the moto in full. Cash!


XRlover 2 May 2010 22:24

haha you're totally right! ill definitely check out baron's page im trying to find one stock so that i can modify it myself. the more ive been looking the more im convinced that i can find a 2003-07 for around 3500 with decent miles so im starting to save for it. i should be good in a couple paychecks

thanks for the advice!

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