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Sparky 14 Jul 2008 08:59

RTW on a XT 660 X!!
I was speaking to a guy yesterday who was telling me that he`s heading off on a RTW on a XT 660 X (the `supermoto` version with 17 inch sticky tyres)I initially thought he was mad,but after mulling it over maybe he`s on to something.He was telling that he has no need to go off road and that there`s tarmac all the way!!!What do folks think?Is it a viable proposition?It would be more fun than a stock XT 660 R!Appreciate any comments.

Bronze 14 Jul 2008 12:13

Nick Sanders does RTW trips on an R1.

My aunt and uncle did UK to South Africa in the 60s in a standard mini.

It may restrict what route you use, but roads are a pretty common concept ;o)

Wheelspin 14 Jul 2008 22:30

He is mad..... If you are going to do many thousands of miles on the road, even an R1 makes a lot more sense than a supermoto. Luggage issues, high speed cruising.... Still, it takes all types and if he has the time and the patience, good luck to him :)

Jezza 18 Jul 2008 07:16

I agree quite mad.... :-)

Small fuel tank, rock hard seat, etc...

But think of the fun on all those mountain passes, I had a play on a SM bike, great fun for a quick blast, but personally I wouldn't go touring on one.




Jezza 18 Jul 2008 08:19


Originally Posted by Bronze (Post 198418)
Nick Sanders does RTW trips on an R1.

As did this guy, worth seeing this amazing clip

YouTube - R1 Enduro

kentfallen 18 Jul 2008 19:05

NO! He's not mad...
Most certainly he isn't mad at all.

The XT family of motorcycles are quite simply legendary in terms of RTW travel. In fact the XT500/XT600 breed of XT's are probably the No1 choice for adventurers in Africa. More people have chosen the XT for trans-Africa trips than BMW. There aren't many places in the world that haven't seen an XT at sometime or other.

An XT provides more "Bang for Bucks" than any other bike I have ridden (which is quite a few in 25 odd years riding). Thats why so many riders use one in traffic and around town where the bike can be flung rounds corners and weaved through heavy traffic. Out on the open roads the XT is enjoyable too - I recently saw a video on UTube where a XT600E kept up with a Kwaka ZZR100 on twisty country roads. The big multi-cylinder sports tourer only took the XT on a long straight at the end.

Anyone who has ridden an XT will tell you that it isn't suited to high speed motorway work but providing your happy plodding along all day at 60mph it's fine. A single cylinder is never going to compete with multi-cylinder bikes on tarmac. That said, most singles produce heaps of enjoyable torque and the power is low down where you need it offroad. :funmeteryes:

Yes I agree the bike needs a few alterations from standard (OEM) but this is limited to the seat (get a gel pad or put a sheepskin over the top) and the small fuel tank (get a Acebis replacement).

In terms of reliability and robustness the XT660 will kick the arse of any of those bikes mentioned above and thats a FACT. They are indestructable. I love mine and wouldn't swap it for anything.

The XT660 is a direct derivative (decendant) of the original legendary XT500 as are all the following XT600 models. It produces a bit more power for a bit more weight. The engine is a proven one and not many things can go wrong with it. Simplicity and reliablility are paramount for RTW adventures, speed of travel is very low down on the list of needs for most riders.

I find it laughable that someone would choose an R1 for RTW work rather than an XT. Yes the R1 is good on tarmac but what happens when the road does end or an alternative offroad route is needed. I also doubt that it's actually possible to circumnavigate the whole globe on tarmac alone - Some parts of Russia and the far East have never seen a human let alone a bike! I suppose it all depends on the routes taken doesn't it. By keeping to tarmac alone you risk missing many of the priceless experiences only offroaders can get too. If you want tarmac why don't you just keep going round and round the M25 for a few months!

So there, he's not so stupid after all is he?

MARK.F 18 Jul 2008 22:52

He can always put some bigger wheels on it..
I don't think you're mates that mad going RTW on a 660 X,
the XT 660 X is styled like a supermoto but it's not as mad as most and you can convert it into a XT 660 R (the trail bike version).I think you have to swap wheels, forks and front brake but thats all,it's the same frame.
The bikes not a descendent of the old XT 500/600 as it's a fuel injected liquid cooled bike in a totally different frame.
There's a great website for the XT 660, just google XT660.com and you'll get there.I think someone on there did a RTW on 660R trail bike version.

Wheelspin 18 Jul 2008 23:16

You are dreaming..... Firstly, I actually own an XTZ 660. Because I think its a great bike. And I have done the Mormon Trail on one too. But his is the Super Moto version - which IS a road bike. So most of what a Tenere could do, he can't even consider.

He is in road bike territory, and an R1 wins easily. Dogmatic loyalty to the 'XT' label doesn't beat common sense and experience.

I absolutely respect anyone's wish to ride their own bike, whatever it is - but rational discussion should not involve ridiculing anyone. The XT was not designed to go around the world on tarmac - and not even Yamaha would disagree with that.

MARK.F 19 Jul 2008 09:27

The 660R version will overland alright, Torsten's great escape

Whisky 19 Jul 2008 20:32

Do it!!!
I made it from UK to India (11,000 miles) on an XT 600 Tenere '89. My beauty did not let me down once. It had done 40,000 miles before i'd left the UK! The friend I was travelling with took his XT 660 '90 a further 7,000 miles to (and around) Japan. It died with around 65,000 miles on the clock.

Not bad for a couple of bikes that cost less than £800 each!

My suggestion is if you're going anywhere other than Europe then join the XT club! (you can do europe on anything)

Best of luck!

McThor 20 Jul 2008 00:52

Yup, I did cross Africa on my XT660R.

And as someone pointed out, there are only a few, albeit important, differences in the two bikes. Same frame and same engine. I've submitted my bike to more punishment than most, and it left me wondering what exactly it will take to break this bike. Even using dodgy fuel and oils through Africa, it never missed a step.


The standard tank is in my oppinion simply to small to do any long range riding (15l if I remember correctly). There's a 900 Euro carbon fiber 26l tank that you can buy for the R. Don't realy know if it fits the X model. But I am thinking it will. Took me an afternoon to fit, and it worked from the get go.

I guess the short version is: You'll break before the bike does :).

I think your friend is definately on to something.

kentfallen 20 Jul 2008 18:25

The XT660 is indeed a decendant (derivitive) of the original XT500 and all subsequent XT's. Yes the bike has changed and evolved over the years (oil cooling etc..), but the bike still very definetely belongs grouped with all earlier XT's. The purpose of the bikes remain unchanged - overland travel and light non technical offroad work. Yamaha's own sales literature confirms this pedigree line of decendancy too. Many say the XT600E is the last REAL XT and that the XT660 is a radically different beast. That doesn't change the fact it's evolved from the original XT.

I am NOT blind to the XT's deficientcies either as intimated above. If you carefully read my post, you will clearly see I have tried to remain objective and honest in my appraisal of the bike.

At no stage anywhere in this thread has ANYONE even remotely got personal or attempted to ridicule anyone else. In my view this thread is very balanced and interesting in it's content. I for one enjoy "arguing the toss" with other forum members on the vitues/deficientcies of the XT family of motorcycles to which I freely admit I love. Don't react when someone dis-agrees with your line of thought, it's all just a bit of fun isn't it? :clap:

stuxtttr 20 Jul 2008 20:12

I think its a great idea, whatever bike you have and know is a great place to start. Every bike has its plus sides the XTs are dependable. I think the supermoto version could be alot of fun. Look anywhere in the world and you will see mopeds tackling terrain that most of us think you need an enduro bike for. Look at LWR when claudios bike packed up he faired better than the big GS's on his little red devil.

I say good luck to him.

My TT250R has been 1/2 way RTW, I rode it to Morocco and back no worries. I had the bike and I was able to go, it didnt cost a lot and I had great fun, yes you are limited on motorways but isnt part of the fun using the less traveled roads and meeting the locals.


maxwell123455 21 Jul 2008 19:34

Firstly no he isnt mad for going rtw on an XT660 but possibly slighty silly doing it on an X (ie the supermoto styled versions). The bike is a great bike dont get me wrong it, its not a hardcore supermoto bike but can still cut it with the rest if needed (it just carries slightly more wiegh do to not having all the fancey alui frames etc etc etc) The tyres would be my main issue as they generally only last around 3-4k miles (rear) and 4-5( front).

The X can be changed over but it is expensive.

Now here the good/better bit. Do it on the XTR (ive one and its great) the roady wheels give better grip off roading (ive seen piccies of a couple of people off roading on a X and it is do able more than most think) but the R will handle off roading easier. Also this is the fun bit, you can convert it to an X if you really want by just changing the wheels over (and changing the front disc, saves changing the caliper.)

The tyres also last long (rear) 5-6k miles, front 10-11k miles)

The bikes have plenty of goodies that you can add on for what ever type if riding you want be it touring, racing, modding etc et

If you want to know more information pop on to this forum

. : XT660.com The #1 xt660 resource : . | The #1 xt660X, xt660R and xt660Z Tenere resource

XT GIRL 21 Jul 2008 23:29

Me toooo
I have a KTM Duke II -- supermoto to the core.

And I loooooooooooooove it more than ANYTHING I've ever ridden and would have absolutely LOVED to use it as my long distance bike.

Its... fun and agile and crazy and torquey...HOWEVER --- the seat may be fun to slide off around bends on a track... but kills you for anything more than an hour's ride... and the tank... well, in the end it cost too much to make the mods.

One thing - if its been supermoto'd, the frame will need strengthening if he's going to carry luggage - my duke's frame looks like a barbie bicycle's!

I'd love to hear how he gets on... maybe the Duke won't have to be adopted after all!

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