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PatrickMullen 11 Feb 2011 18:59

RTW - Northern Hemisphere, What and Where?
Hi folks,
really hoping somebody has been around this block before. Myself and a buddy are planning a rtw trip (Montreal going west to Anchorage then into S. Korea before Ferrying to Vlad, Russia then Mongolia, Russia & Scandinavia, Scotland, England, Wales & then home to Dublin) and having finally reduced our possible bikes to two (DL650 or KLR650) the main issue that remains is whether or not to buy bikes in Dublin and Ship to Canada or to buy in Canada and drive home on them.

From What I can see the main pros and cons are:

The pros for Dublin:
— Registered address there;
— End point for the bikes so no Vehicle Registration Tax on entry home;
— Doing it on an Irish/ European Reg (is this even a plus?)
— Can work on bike before we go;

Cons for Dublin:
— Cost of shipping to Canada Initially;
— Cost of Bike in Dublin compared to cost in Canada;


Pros for Canada:
— Cheaper Bike;
— No shipping costs;
— Greater choice of bike (KLR 650 is not for Sale in EU)

Cons for Canada:
— Canadian Reg & Irish Passport (is this an issue);
— No address for registration in Canada;
— Insurance;

I don't know if anyone has any experience with something like this, I would really appreciate any info or advice anyone has. Is it a bad idea to buy a bike abroad if you're crossing multiple boarders? Is it going to make Carnes/ border crossings more of a hassle?

Any help, advice or otherwise would be incredible.



T.REX63 11 Feb 2011 20:09

Hello and :welcome:. You might want to check-in with your friendly neighbor, Oisin :wink3:

What goes around comes around... Dublin to New york - ADVrider

PatrickMullen 11 Feb 2011 20:49

Thanks TREX,
followed the big mans trip keenly, sorry to see the blog removed but I've no doubt there's good reason.

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