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BenW 25 Nov 2002 15:46

RTW by Honda C90?
Hi all,

I'm trying to do some research on the various overland and RTW trips done on the Honda 90 mopeds. I've searched all over the net but cannot find any that are documented.

Can anyone help with urls?

Thanks in advance


Grant Johnson 25 Nov 2002 23:45

I don't know of any links either. I have a couple of names, but not a lot.

See Bernd Teschs page for some info at www.berndtesch.de

BTW, the Honda 90 you're thinking of is not a moped - it's a step-thru, the CT90.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

BenW 26 Nov 2002 01:37

Hi Grant,

I'm trying to research this at the moment because I'm writing an article for Motor Cycle News (MCN), the UK paper. It's trickier than you think finding exactly what you need!

'Moped' here in the UK is a generic term for any small bike. Yes, it is a step-through. Strictly speaking it should only apply to a bike like the FS1E that had pedals but there you go... ;-)

It's called the C90 here, also Honda Cub 90.

There are plenty of references all over the net about RTWs with these bikes but I can't find ANY!!



Grant Johnson 26 Nov 2002 03:05

I know the problem - seems like the people who travel long distances on them don't want to be found...

You might also want to search on CT110's as they are also popular for this. Atsuko and Hiro (one-legged photog) from Japan went rtw on a pair of them a few years ago. There is a short report on them in an old HU ezine.

If interested I can contact Atsuko.

Do let me know what you find! I TRY to keep a record of all rtw travellers.

There's also the Japanese rider, unknown name, who rode a Honda “Monkey” bike, (Honda Z50, or CZ100) 65,000km including Africa Top to Bottom and back up. Also Monika Vega, Brazil, Honda 125, rtw.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

charly 26 Nov 2002 16:15

Here is a link about a guy who did it RTW on a CT90:

Seth S 24 May 2003 09:58

I have a 1971 Honda CT90 that I rebuild a couple of years ago, learned to ride with, and pass my license test. Since then I have ridden the bike over 2000 miles. I have taken many day trips in excess of 100 miles, and did one trip that was 500 miles. I have been contemplating a longer trip for quite some time, and have been looking into bigger bikes more recently. There is a ride in australia that is 10 or 11 days long and usualy has about 100 "postie" bike riders going across australia.

Seth S

simmo 24 May 2003 11:36

"Postie Bike" alias C110 challenge is on sometime this year through Northern Australia. Cant think of the details but the little bikes are usually donated to East Timor after the ride.


Might be fun for those wanting a differrent way to see Australia.

Simon Kennedy 5 Jun 2003 13:25

Went to a mini-rally in northern California last week of CT owners. Gosh they love these bikes. Indestructable, and boy did they try. There are pictures at http://www.vankeulen.tzo.com/CT90-Run-2003

murphy 11 Jun 2007 22:08

Honda90 RTW and places
A man called Adam Paul went around the world on a C90, a few years back, with out serious problems and made the Guinness Record Books! he choose a C90 because it was small, cheap to run and fix, (parts available everywhere).

He is on the Web, in an article on a Canadian site "Leatherwood Trail" - Moped journeys Adam Paul 'cape to Cape' go look at http//wmuma.com/travelmoped/adampaul.html also search the motoring section archives of the GB newspaper the Daily Telegraph, he was in an article way back...

The guy who runs the site has done a lot of miles on a real moped, and he goes into the definitions of bikes and mopeds (basically with or without pedals) but worth a look for those considering small bikes.

I spoke with Adam last year, and he is now in South America on a 125, he said he would have liked another C90, but they are no longer imported to the UK. he recommends it, and he has done the RTW trip!.

I have toured Ireland, France and Northern Spain, (Santiago, the Camino) apart from one puncture no problems. a great bike, with a few modifications, ideal for a long slow tour, as long as your happy to avoid Motorways, and breeze along at 30 mph, The bike seems to make everyone smile, and convinced your mad to drive something that small and that slow!

I have plans to drive mine along via the pilgrim route to Rome then the the Appien way to Brindisi where it ends.

And maybe one day, with luck from New York to Portland, USA.

Joe C90 12 Jun 2007 02:15

I spend far too much time with c90's......
Usually on 4 week winter trips, but in seriously cold environments, where the basic simple aircooled motor comes into it's own. they are slow, dangerous on autobahns (never again) and are bloody marvelous if you want to see the scenery. meet people, and have fun.
To be correct, the c90 is the old 89cc motor, the cub90 is the 85cc longstroke version of the old c50/c70.
As a round the world tool, the c90/cub90 has the advantages of being incredibly cheap to run, even cheaper to maintain, the bits are available anywhere, they are almost completely indestructible ( I race them), and cheap to buy ( but not on ebay).
The seating position is seriously comfortable, enabling long riding days, 450 miles being my record.
Just pack light, put a gallon of spare fuel in a granny shopping basket on the front, relax and enjoy the world (slowly) passing by.
See [url=http://www.scarabis.com]scarabis.com -for some piccies of the last trip. :scooter:
Benw, give me a shout, Weeble racing know where I am!

oldbaldrick 12 Jun 2007 12:33

Have a look at UKGSer* ::::* For BMW GS Enthusiasts for details of some guys (and a lass) who rode to the Gambia and donated their C90s to various local charities.

Rhino scott 17 Dec 2009 03:28

a bit late...
This is an old thread but i just finished a ride on a Honda cub50 with modified engine from Saigon vietnam to london....around 25000km i guess. nice ride, i would reccomend it to anyone. only one tire change and new sprockets/chain.

crisbie 17 Dec 2009 06:04

Sydney to London on a moped called Dot

This is a really good read and inspirational.

Sydney to London on a moped called Dot - ADVrider

Sydney Australia to London England on a moped. The adventure travel blog of Nathan Millward | The Postman

Makes me want to buy one.


Nigel Marx 17 Dec 2009 11:34


Originally Posted by Rhino scott (Post 268225)
This is an old thread but i just finished a ride on a Honda cub50 with modified engine from Saigon vietnam to london....around 25000km i guess. nice ride, i would reccomend it to anyone. only one tire change and new sprockets/chain.

Please please please tell me you have a blog somewhere I can read???

Cheers bloke,

Nigel in NZ

Rhino scott 17 Dec 2009 14:32

Cubs not crazy
Thanks for the link. Postie bikes are awesome! here is another trip N-S of america done about 5 years ago on a couple a Cubs with a bit more organisation skills!... You meet the nicest people on a HONDA

My Blog??? Well I preferred to spend time with the people rather than in front of computers in slow internet cafes...I still want to write about my adventures at least for my family. The Super Cub Experiment

keep the dreams alive


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