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palace15 19 Sep 2007 21:58

R80gs v Robin diesel enfield ??
I own a 1997 kalahari and just got a '95 Diesel, I fancy doing another eastern euro trip and poss an americas, and I am torn as to which to use. pro's and cons with both, enjoy riding both, love BM reliability speed etc, the Diesel great economy but slow. on the Diesel I have the chance to appreciate the surroundings at the lower speed which is why I am thinking of using this. I am one of those people that for whatever reason tends to ride from morning to the following morning putting in 500+ days and struggles to settle anywhere especially when alone. does anyone else admit to this 'illness' ?
Any input, comical or otherwise appreciated.

beddhist 20 Sep 2007 04:39

I'm sure plenty of people will have opinions on the subject, but I suspect that you are just about the only person on the planet to own both bikes, so that makes you the only person qualified to answer your question.

If you go to S America keep in mind that the Enfield may not have enough power at high altitude. I recently came across a Sikh riding a 350 and it simply stopped in first gear at the top of a pass (4500 m?) in Spiti/India. First gear is far too long.

I can somewhat relate to your non-stop riding, but I don't ride through the night.

enfieldtravels 20 Sep 2007 08:54

Hi Dave,
I've got fast bikes and slow and would choose the slow for touring anytime as long as I have the time. No matter what, cruising the back roads at 70/80kmh is far more enjoyable than getting bored on a motorway at 160. It's obvious and you probably know it but going slow the key is to pick routes carefully and always go for the scenic and minor. Money may not be an issue but think of all the extra beer money you'd have when you only had to buy diesel for the Enfield! I've never ridden the diesel much but to stick up for the 350, counter to Beddhist's comments, I've ridden a 350 two up with luggage to 5200 and it only really started losing much power in the last 500m and then not too much. Reckon that Sikh guy's bike must have been a bit tired!
Whatever you choose, enjoy!

oldbmw 20 Sep 2007 20:31

in an odd way I might be able to help.. I just came back from the diesel bike rally in Hamm, Germany, making the trip there with two english guys from the Uk Diesel bike club. One of whom rode a small (similar to the Robin) diesel bike. On following him on my R80RT I was surprised how nimble he was to about 45+mph. On the open D roads it cruised happily at 50 to 60mph. Only in Germany on the autobahnns was its' slow speed a slight problem. They came back via the pretty roads. It did about 150mpg on the trip, and when I was following them my RT did about 57mpg, normally is does about 50mpg. It was a comfortable speed to ride.
more info here

DieselBike.net - Hamm 2007 Report

Martynbiker 20 Sep 2007 21:09

Diesel Bike.
The good think about the Diesel bike is........ if you have fuel worries....run it on sunflower oil, or peanut oil or any good cooking oil! Eco friendly!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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