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STEVE B 28 Jan 2002 22:40

So many bikes to consider! Has anyone had any experience with the Guzzi Quota's? It seems that with the 21" front amd shaft drive it might be a good contender for highway and gravel road use. From what I've read, the motor should be pretty much a non-issue as far as durability. Should the fact that M.G. has chosen to discontinue it be significant in my decision? Any first hand knowledge of the bike's strong points and shortcomings would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking for a hard core off-road bike, but do want something I could use on most roads in North and South America.

wbagwell 29 Jan 2002 03:33

I don't claim to know a whole heck of a lot about this bike, but I did test ride one a year ago when I found an incredible deal on a last year's model.

The bike felt like it would be a really fun cruising bike, but it had a very akward riding position that I think would make it extremeley difficult to ride on rough roads. I felt too stretched out on it, and like I wouldn't be able to stand up and maneuver it easily. But if you don't plan on getting on to any roads that are rough, it may not be a bad bike.

The MG dealer did mention that MG's are notorious for having electrical problems but that you could easily carry spares of the bits that comomonly fail (relays, I think, but I don't quite remember).

Best of luck,

Wright Bagwell

Bernard C. Mans 5 May 2002 04:59

I purchased a Quota a year ago and have enjoyed every minute of it! Afew small items needed warranty atention and my local dealer got things fixed in a hurry. The first batch of these bikes came with bad ECU (control Computors) and they ran really lean at low RPM's Mine had the new unit and ran great from the get go. 40mpg plus and indestructable engine and drive train are a great combo for an adventure bike. The suspension on this bike was really stiff for me no matter how I set up the rear shock. I have a bad back and I found this annoying. The riding position was perfect for my 6 ft frame. Maintenance is a breeze, valves are easy to get to and simple to adjust. I put 8K on mine last year and would recomend this bike as a long distance touring/adventure mount. Any questions feel free to contact me.

OldRoadToad 3 Jul 2002 12:45

Ahhhhh, the Quota. A most toadish mount!

If beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, then the Toad is most fortunate that love is quite often blind. I think the Quota is beautiful!!

There is much to be said of simplicity, and one would think that those unable to purchase a new (with warranty) "Air Head" BMW would opt for the Quota. It is simplicty at it's best, and even though it sold for much less than the lovely R1100 - 1150GS, it did not sell well enough to stay in production.

There is a new 2000 model Quota (red!!) not far from where I work, but I believe they want around $10,000.00 (U.S.) OTR. I have two bikes now (a DR650 and a GL500I), so I know for a fact that my wife (nor the bank, LOL!) will not allow me another scoot.

Too bad. Tis a good looking motorbike.

Take care!

The Toad http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

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