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matan 29 Mar 2010 02:27

purchasing bike in Thailand or Vietnam?
Hi ,I would like to buy or rent a bike in Thailand or viatnam and travel arround over those places and maybe even to Laos and Combodia ,I would like to get some suggestion about what bike better to buy and how does it costs.
and where is the best place to sell it in the end....
i have 2 month only, ive traveled arround but never on m\bike,
I would be pleased to get some information.
Thanks in advance.


beddhist 29 Mar 2010 04:16

You can't take any foreign vehicle into Vietnam.

In Thailand you can't register a bike without holding one of a number of longer-term visas, i.e. not on a tourist visa.

Many rental bikes do not have legal rego, or even licence plates, so you can't cross borders with them. When you rent a bike you must tell the renter that you want to travel to Laos and Cambodia. They then need to give you a bike that is legally registered and a piece of paper authorising you to cross borders with it. Expect to pay double the rental. When you leave Thailand you will get a temporary export permit, valid for 1 month and not extendable. This means you probably have to loop back into Thailand before going to/from Laos and Cambodia to avoid going over the time limit and having to pay a fine.

You can buy or rent a bike in Vietnam and travel to all 5 countries open to vehicles, i.e. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. However, only small bikes are available.

Check out gt-rider.com for more details.

matan 3 Apr 2010 11:04

thnks for the info
thanks for the info

mark manley 7 Apr 2010 11:39

buy in Vietnam
If you wish to travel all of SE Asia on the same bike you will probably have to buy it in Vietnam. As I understand it you cannot enter Vietnam with a foreign registered bike, even one from another SE Asian country, but on a recent cycling trip to these places I met a couple of people who had bought there bikes in Vietnam and had no problem entering Cambodia or Laos with them.
The most popular bikes in SE Asia are Honda wave 125's, tough, reliable and you can get them fixed anywhere. I did hire one on a couple of occasions and found them fine but the seat got a bit hard after 100 km. The two bike travellers I met had both bought Minsk 125's which have great "character" but use more petrol and are difficult to get parts for outside Vietnam, there were several for sale in Hanoi backpackers for about $250 each with pannier frames.

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