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robin_goode 7 Feb 2008 13:56

Plenty of fish in the sea
Just a thought for everyone deciding on bikes for long journeys:

there are a lot of good bikes out there. dont fall into the trap of taking the usual options. we are currently in Kenya, on a trans africa trek, with two Ducati Multistradas and one Suzuki V-strom. we've never seen people travelling on them and they're great bikes. we even took them to lake turkana (one of the remotest places in africa) without a hitch.

so leave your options open. a lot of companies are making great bikes. there are enough ktm's ,beamers and hondas out there. and besides, the journeys too easy on a lot of them.

Walkabout 7 Feb 2008 22:53

Nice one Robin - it would make a change to hear about a wider range of bikes that are on the road. There is quite a bit on here about the V Strom, but not much, if anything, about the Multistrada - how about telling more about how they are standing up to Africa (a post in "Other bike tech"?).

BTW, that's a good update from you on the current situation in Kenya; also, there is other information like yours, i.e. up to date, in other forums.


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