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Mojorising 29 Jan 2008 18:22

New KLR650 Review.
Hi all,

Finally I will be in Phoenix within 10 days to buy my bike & start kitting out for my adventure. Got a bit lost in Hong Kong & Sydney so not all bad! I have been looking at the new KLR650 and just wanted a few more valued opinions on it. A new bike with a warranty at just over $5000 seems great value to me.

I would take on board any recommendations as to upgrades, Farkles that I need to add on to a standard bike. I am built like a front row rugby player!! So medium built in the US & Large in the UK. Lol!! 6 foot & 100 kgs. I am leaning toward the new KLR versus a well farkled 650 Dakar (that I have my eye on) mainly due to the availability & cost of parts in CA & SA as I am not too technically minded.

Any ride reports that you guys have or thought please let me know. What kind of mileage do I need to expect? & other areas of concern?

Cheers Mojo.

Glenndog 30 Jan 2008 04:00

Hi , i have just finished a 3 month ,19,000km trip from Canada- Panama both of us were on the new KLR , they worked just fine and we did alot of off road or back road riding , My friend from Switzerland who ownes a BMW 650 dakar, said he liked the KLR bike better for off roading, but probably the BMW 650 was better for on road riding . The only thing I changed was the seat , he keep the stock one . We did ride one day with another rider on a Bmw 650 on a muddy section in Mexico and the low fender on the front completely clogged with mud so that the front tire would not turn anymore and he wiped out a bunch. After about 10 km he decided to load it on a truck , we keep on going without problems .
One thing I would do is upgrade the front springs and shock if your adding alot of weight and doing alot of off roading , Other than that it was great. I ran with front nerf guards and rear side racks from Happy trails ,with pelican cases which protected our bikes and legs when we went down. check out www.paraglidecanada for pictures... Tours and sites gallery button part way down the main page . Good luck ! :thumbup1:

1giant1 10 Nov 2009 22:22

Stay away from Kawasaki
My first ride on new 09 KLR650 oil drain plug falls out, seizing up the engine. Now Coleman Powersports have gotten together with Kawasaki to not honor the waranty, because there are a couple of scratches on the skid plate (which to Kaw's discredit comes nowhere close to protecting the engine or bolt). However, the is not a scratch on engine near the bolt, nor any damage to the thread. Amazing.Also have been reading on other forums that 08/09 KLR's are seizing up because of oil consumption.

hmadams 10 Nov 2009 23:25

I have 2) 08 KLR's neither use oil or have ever needed repairs, both are wonderful bikes great for long adventure rides. The KLR is the #1 selling Dual Sport in the USA and there are a few oil burners, but I would guess a very small percentage of ones actually on the road are lemons.

As for your problems 1Giant1, I woud hire an attorney--pronto!

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