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stormsearcher 16 Mar 2008 11:29

the new kid on the block-yamaha wr250x
the new wr250x set to replace the aging ttr.
has a 6 speed ,titanium valves,liquid cooled top speed of 150kmph.according to geoff ballard u can hold the throttle to the stop from darwin to sydney. smooth as and FI.

service intervals -oil change -5000kms,oilfilter-10,000, clutch 20,000kms and valve check-40,000kms.
needs a larger rally tank-yamaha make one -25ltr.maybe a seat and some racks.
dry wt -126kgs.

sounds bullet proof to tour/off piste/
power to wt ratio is phemoneol.
revs to 10,000rpm.
should unleash bout 40kw ,throwing out the euro3 pipes and installing a pc.
has rare earth internals electric systems from the R1.
sounds better in terms of serice and lonevity than the klrs.drs etc.
any1 research into the new 'supertrail' category?

stormsearcher 16 Mar 2008 11:33

mistake rgading the model in the title
read WR250R NOT WR250X.

mollydog 27 Mar 2008 00:46

I'd like to see a more comfortable R version in a 450.

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