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ozzee 7 Oct 2007 20:17

MUZ660 vrs African Twin 750
Hi everyone,

I am new to the HUBB, and i am finding it very informative thanks to our hosts Susan and Grant and all travelers out there. I have owned my MUZ Baghira for about 3 years now and can say that it is a really sturdy bike, i have not done any long trips except to Itlay, where it did pretty good. One thing i have found difficult with my MUZ is finding accessories. anyone has got any good sites please? I would also like to hear from anyone who has travelled long distances two up with a same bike? cause:mchappy: i am considering changing bike maybe to a Honda Africa Twin to travel two up due to the heavier load.:mchappy:

I dream

Tarras 4 Nov 2007 11:50

Hi ozzee!

I usually look for/order accessories in germany for my swedish Baghira. Here´s some links / resources where you can find som bits over the Internet:

Touratech AG
AfricanQueens - Spezialteile für Enduros und Reiseenduros.

Here`s some pictures of my Baghira equipped with some "goodies":

ozzee 8 Nov 2007 14:34

hi Tarras

Thanks for your reply and very nice picture. The only problem is that most of those sites are not in ENGLISH and i cannot understand anything :) Any other information on where i can get a 30 Litre Fuel tank to fit with the Baghira? and I assume one would have to change the seat as well?


Walkabout 8 Nov 2007 22:03

Most or all of those sites have a small flag somewhere on the opening page, UK or US or both; click on it and you have instant translation by the clever webpage writers!


Jake 9 Nov 2007 20:50

Ozzie, liveoutloud has an muz660 he has travelled a hell of a lot on it, he also has a big alloy tank and sturdy panniers, maybe its worth you using the pm system to get in touch with him. jake

ozzee 14 Nov 2007 11:58

Yes i know about that small flag :) but not all of the sites have a flag and sometimes even if you click on the english flag the text does not change to enlgish. Well i guess its tough luck eh !



I have had already tried to contact liveoutloud but no answer as yet from him.

Well thanks a lot guys for now.

Keep on ridin.....


Tarras 17 Nov 2007 17:02

Language is indeed a bit of a problem here as well, but I´ve managed to learn some "keywords" over the years...

I´ve had a lot of help / learned some deutch by using the on-line translation service "Bable fish":
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation

It can translate / convert webpages and text between english and deutch. Usually gives me a hint about things, before I send an e-mail i English with my questions / order... Never been a problem for me...

My 30l "tank-kit" was ordered from Tunebike.de and contained a KTM-seat, a vacum fuelpump and some hoses and bits to modify the cooling system (Had to be drained of course). You also had to cut a little in the platsics etc.

The KTM-seat didn´t fit well at all on the the bike and the seat height became VERY hight. I modified / rebuilt the whole thing myself. Many hours in the garage to get the "kit" together, anything but "bolt-on"...

Off-the-road.de also had a kit that came without a padded/complete saddle and a tank that can be painted. Maybe/probably fits better on the bike. Cost was almost double back then...

Have never ridden two up on my Baghira. With the KTM-seat I wouldn´t go far with a passanger anyway: The seat is quite short.

ozzee 27 Nov 2007 07:42

Tarras i found some good information on MZ/MuZ Riders • Index page if you have never visited its good, its like HU but specificaly on MZ. Found some guys who might help in findind the right accessories for the baggi. i still have to try that translating site it sounds good. on the Mzriders forum i found a guy who fitted on his MZ660 the following: (maybe it could of some help to other Mz riders)

Givi universal rack
45 litre givi trunk
wolfman endurao tank bag
acerbis rally 2 handguards
Mz Crashbars
KTM radiator guards
MZ Rack
Russell day long saddle
Touratech racks
and more......

I tried to look these accessories up on google and some of them i found but others i didnt like : Givi universal rack and trunk, MZ Crashbars and Mz Rack....


HaroldT 15 Dec 2007 12:03

I hed Bothe The MZ used for Offroad Travel (Finland Ijsland Perfect bike!!
Now I have a KTM 620 adv but I miss my MZ Baghira very much!!

(Allroadtour finland 2005)
See the pics on the website
Baghira : photos : Finland 2005- powered by SmugMug




ozzee 20 Dec 2007 17:35

is that the Mz baghira 660cc or Mastiff in the pictures? you have done a lot of changes to it it is not recognizable ! great stuff ! :) I am working on aluminium luggage boxes at the moment for the Mz.... have you got any more pictures of the MZ in action? especially of the rack that holds the side boxes? because i am manufacturing the rack myself but i have a problem with the exhaust pipe coming in the way being where it is. from the pictures you seem to have left the exhaust where it was and worked round it?

ozzee 20 Dec 2007 17:45

that tank seems to be bigger then the original one?? where can i find one like that? nad the front bit where the light fits? is it called the consule? its cool.

HaroldT 20 Dec 2007 17:53

What also is good idea for the MZ use the KTM 20 liter tank (No pump neded....

HaroldT 20 Dec 2007 18:03

is a 28 liter tank of the KTM 620 from '96 For montade of this you must change al litele parts.
I Can halp you (bette by phone)

See Baghira : photos : Strand Horst- powered by SmugMug

Baghira : photos : 13-2-05 BDM rit- powered by SmugMug

Baghira : photos : Diversen- powered by SmugMug

I mus chech more too find the real deail pics, (change PC so I mis the pic....) I mus have them.

ozzee 21 Dec 2007 08:50

Thank you Harold T, i will consider the 28 liter tank of the KTM, would i have to change the seat? or the original Mz seat fits with the KTM 28 litre tank?
and the front console is that of KTM too ?

HaroldT 4 Jan 2008 11:21

soory for the late anwser... I was in spain.

Uou need too change the buddy also (it is easy) Use a ktm Buddu from a type of 96 97 (that type of tank For montade the tank uou muct change also the radiatot (the snaks I uset kuppe pipes too let the fuel unter the frame running.)
the front paart is selde made by Tune bike .de (he have the pics also for how too change everything. Ubuy also the 200 benzine pump off kTm adv.

succes (O I have some parts off the MZ) When you are interested.

( I have Buddy, Front0 part, 28 literTank, some brake plates. )

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