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martinloftus 5 Aug 2000 10:55

motorcycle prices in Thailand
My friend and I are planning a motorcycle adventure from Thailand to Europe. I need information on the price (preferably new) of motorcycles in thailand. The motorcycle I'm interested in is a Honda 250-500. I would greatly appreciate any information or links.

Shinji 10 Aug 2000 09:22

It is quite expensive to get a motorcycle over 150cc in Thailand because of the heavy import duty. A new Honda 250 - 400 would probably cost over 200,000B.

Also, as far as I know, you cannot get a carnet or an international license plate for vehicles registered in Thailand, which makes cross-border trips difficult except in bordering nations like Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.

You may want to think about buying a motorcycle in your home country and bring it all the way to Thailand.

Carl 10 Aug 2000 23:29

Shinji answers your question rather sufficiently in regrads to what you're attempting. I was in Thailand this year
several months back and researched the idea
of exactly what you're considering.

The availabity of larger cc displacement
bikes for sale in Thailand is limited for what you want to do. The paperwork that you
will encounter in Thailand can be overwhelming. Probably the best approach for
what you want to do is fly your own bike in
to Southeast Asia for the trip.

I'm curious as to what overland route you
are planning from Thailand to Europe.

Zaharan Razak 3 Sep 2000 22:30

Yes Martin, I'm also interested to know your planned route from Thailand to Europe! If your route is practicable, it will be a boon to many other travelers too!

All of your questions, and many more, will be answered either directly or indirectly by David Unkovich at his website: geocities.com/MotorCity/5354/davidu.html.

chan 4 Sep 2000 03:08

Having your bike registered under your name & home country saves a lot of unecessary troubles while crossing borders.

If you do intend to get a smaller bike from SEA,Cambodia is probably the cheapest place for 250cc dual-purpose bikes,about US$1200 for a 3 yrs old XL-Degree,XLR-Baja or AX-1.

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