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g6snl 6 Oct 2012 13:40

more foot room required for pillion ( my orders)
On recent trips to Scotland & Europe it was quite apparent that my missus didn't have enough foot room. We have a 2004 Deauville ( yes I know........) While it has been a fab bike it has one major problem for serious 2 up touring. Because the panniers are "fitted" there is not much room for pillions feet to move around a bit, even though my missus has small feet.

Time for a change as we are getting more adventurous with our trips.

Thinking of Varadero 1000 with bolt-on tin boxes or similar.

Not having any experience with that kind of bike I reckon some of you guys must have done it and have a good idea what leg room the pillion will get. Got to be much better surely? ?c?

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