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christy 27 Sep 2005 00:41

Lois on the loose
Hi there, I'm trying to find Lois Pryce's website about her motorcycle trip but the old links don't seem to work. Does anyone have an active link or know how to get in touch with her. I'm planning a trip for early 2006 and am debating between a serow and a KLR 250. Any comments on which one to choose would also be really helpful.

G. Kennedy 27 Sep 2005 07:41

I searched a bit for Lois's site, but came up empty.

FYI the KLR250 is a very different bike than the Serow. The KLR250 is a liquid cooled, kick start bike with tall suspension. Same basic size as a KLR650.

The Kawasaki Super Sherpa(KL250-G4), is a similar bike to the Serow. It is an air cooled, electric start bike in a mid sized frame. It has 21"/18" wheels and very easy steering geometry. My girlfriend has one. We did a 600 mile loop of Southern California a few weeks back and it performed well.

Next year, it will be making a loop of Central America !!!

Simon Kennedy 27 Sep 2005 15:20


Looks like Lois has taken her web site down. Boo hoo. Maybe something to do with this:


I was in the americas at the same time as Lois. Her travelling partner in the south, Rachel (KLR250) and I now live in France.

We choose the KLR250 because it was the only bike around at the time we were looking. The kick start is a drawback for most. It is pretty high also - we bought a lowering kit (which wasn't very good). It feels more substantial than the Serow, and is faster. Yes, people did mistake it for the 650, although when one was put next to it, the difference was obvious.

Just the same, in your position I wouldn't hesitate to go for the Serow. Better on gravel (of which there is a lot on your route), easier to service, cheaper (a bit). Much easier to live with - unless you are particularly tall for a female?

A new one will perform fine.

The Kawasaki Super Sherpa looks like a good bike too.

I will write to Lois and let her know you are interested in talking, but I know she is very busy right now - working on this I guess: http://www.bookinformation.co.uk/boo...2&authoid=2830


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Lois 27 Sep 2005 19:08

Hi Christy,
Thanks for your post. Sadly, my website has shut down, not by choice but it was attached to my brother's company's site which is no more. That is the bad news...the good news is that I will be working on a new site over the next few weeks, so I will keep you informed. I've been very lucky to get publishing deals for the book about my trip, so I've been working on that since I got back. All the details will be on my new site.
Anyway...back to the Mighty Serow! Great bike, tough as anything, goes anywhere - slowly! It had trouble at altitude, but I rode with a girl for a while who had a newer model and it coped OK, even at 15,000 feet.
Anyway, why don't you email offline lois_pryce at yahoo.co.uk and I'll fill you in on anything else you want to know. Also, if you have the new edition of Chris Scott's Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, there is a review of the Serow in there and also an overview of my trip.
Bye for now.

christy 28 Sep 2005 00:23

Thanks G Kennedy, Simon and Lois for the quick replies. Lois, I'll e-mail you with questions about the Serow as they come up if that's OK. My concern was about the problems at high altitude as I remember reading about them on your website. I've only just completed the CBT training and am considering whether to do my test on a 125 then take a Serow abroad or whether to do the DAT and take a bigger bike. Anyway, lois I'll contact you after I've read up a bit more on the serow. Thanks again

Oz 6 Oct 2005 13:41

if you need info about the klr250 please give me a mail. my girlfriend ended up buying the klr featured on lois's site and rode it throught sth america. i also own a serrow back here in the uk.
good luck

Lois 21 Oct 2005 20:07

Hi there,
Just a post to say that my website is now back online, now to be found at www.loisontheloose.com
I've updated it with a picture gallery and news of my forthcoming book.

wiese514 24 Nov 2005 19:12


I am planning on taking a similar trip on similar bikes in 2006 as well. Since I live in the SE of the USA I am planning on riding from the east coast to the west via the Trans-America trail then up the west coast to BC. From there I will be heading to Nome Alaska then I will be heading south to southern tip of South America. I plan on riding along the Continental Divide through the US. This is about all I know as of right now.

I am about to get rid of the F650 and lighting up.

I don’t have all my route planned out as of yet, it would be good to touch base with you.
Feel free to drop me a line at wiese514$hotmail.com

take care

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