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biker2000 16 Jul 2007 20:45

KTM 640 Adv Two-up to Ushuaia
Hi Everyone!
My wife and I are planning to go from Mexico to Ushuaia this December. I cannot define the Bike yet. But I rather be on the safe (low weight) side. I have done Baja twice on the 640 Adv with no problems. Some techical parts with my wife up too. I like the BMWs and the 950 Adv but I think they are to complicated and heavy for the task.
Does anyone has bad experiences on a 640 Adv with two-up? (maybe broken frames or shocks?
How about saddlebags on the 640? Any recomendations?
Anyone tryed the Corbin saddle on the 640 Adv? Good for two-up?

BCK_973 17 Jul 2007 01:43

Ramon a V-twin would be the choice
For two up i would allways choose a twin engine! Now a KTM, Honda ?
It depends also on how big and heavy you both are.
Remember you have long distances some times very boring and moving faster is good.
Both options are great on dirt(africa twin and LC8) and fenomenal on tar.
Being two up on a smal KTM in the dirt.....can´t see the big advantage against the twins.Now solo is diferent.
OK man cu

Margus 17 Jul 2007 07:13

Very brave guys those who travel with LC4 long distance. Don't know if all do that, but the single cyl Adventure I rode one for a short ride vibrated that my vision almost blurred. Does it have a balancing shaft?

Some guys have done to Vladivostok with that bike, made me ask are they impotent after that? So do your children before you leave! Girls will maybe like it tho... :)

Anyways, it's a superb bike for solo more technical offroad sections, one of the best suspensions I've experienced per such capacity bike, but it is definately not for very long distances or two-uping for me, if you want to take it easy. Stock seat is very sporty and hard and the position and feeling was just too sporty. It's travelling not racing remember.

For two up I'd recommend much smoother and more comfortible twin also as BCK, if you like Katoomers, get the 950 or 990 Adventure. You'll have much more space and comfort for your pillon, she'll probably thank you if she got a comparision ride on the back of 640 single.

IMHO, that is.

Anyways, best is if you take your pillon with you and testride different bikes before you buy them. Try them all twins or triples if you can: 640ADV (just for comparision), 950/990, GS, Africa Twin, V-Strom, Caponord, Varadero and older version of Tiger.

Happy testing and choosing, Margus

pecha72 17 Jul 2007 07:19

Hi, I had a KTM640 (normal, not the Adventure model I think) rented for a few weeks in Costa Rica earlier this year, and I would agree with the previous poster here, its good when you ride solo,
bad or even very bad when you go 2-up. It starts to feel underpowered, shakes way too much at nearly all rpm, the seat (and space overall) could ve much better,
and the gearing is for offroad, on paved roads you´ll always think you have the wrong one on (this, too, was a problem only when riding 2-up).

Sure it may be a very robust adventure bike, and in fact it was great when doing some of the worst-condition stretches or even tar-roads,
while riding by myself. But it simply wasnt made for 2-up riding, and indeed my girlfriend said this was the last time she´ll climb on the back of a 640. If
I were in her position, Id probably think the same. Didnt let that ruin our holiday, though..!

If your going on a long trip with 2 people on the same bike, I wouldnt even consider this model, there are others that are so much better suited for that.

Theres a magazine in Finland, which now features a trip from here to Vladivostok (and back!) with a 640 Adventure, that guy went solo. I think he had a subframe break up somewhere in Siberia, managed to fix that, though.

kobold 18 Jul 2007 12:44

I have a 2006 KTM 640 LC4 Enduro (stripped version of Adventure). I did some 2-up trips with it. I advise to change rear shock spring with a stiffer one (guess KTM Sommers have them.). Cause even too much preload isnt enough with std one. With all your luggage and 2 of you on the bike, rear wheel rubs fender on bumps etc. Also, plastic part in between the rear wheel and exhaust touched the pipe and melted. Another advise is; to have a better seat especially for 2-up. Because of the extra weight, bike loses its agility but not soo much.

Jerome 18 Jul 2007 18:11

Hi Ramon,

Que tal?

- If your wife is happy riding pillion on the rough stuff on an Adventure you are a very lucky man.

You don’t have much time before you leave so perhaps “Better the devil you know“ (= take the 640)

Although I have a 2003 640 Adventure I haven‘t done any long distances 2 up but i would suggest the following:

- Rear subframe - Is a simple extended 'V' design with the rear carrier and pillion cantilevered off the back. I’m 70 kg + 50 kg of luggage, frame and tools. It never broke but was strengthened by a Touratech frame. One of the 4 mounting bolts sheared after 100,000 km.
- Seat - This was much improved in 2003. I only added a sheepskin cover.
- Rear spring - I changed the standard (70/260) to a 75/260.
- Saddlebags - I use Expedition Panniers The weight is in front of the rear axle which makes the handling much better than boxes, where the weight is behind the axle.
- The weight you can take on any bike is the same with the same sized panniers. All that changes is the speed.
- Andes Altiplano - take a range of smaller jets for > 4,000 metres. I couldn’t overtake a truck at 50 kmh in Bolivia (at 5,000 metres)

- Vibration causes the most problems - Loctite the 4 rear subframe bolts.
- Clean your bike thoroughly quite often and look carefully for things that are broken/loose/fallen off.
- list of problems/modifications etc on Americas '03

Good luck and enjoy!

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