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videoman 20 Jun 2007 17:20

KTM 620 Rally Adventure
Does anyone know anything about the above bike as I cannot find much information on the internet.
I have seen one advertised which is 1997 R reg, 3800 miles, just two owners and totally standard and original and in great condition. Service history and original purchase documents (£6500 new) are also available.
I just wondered if there are any known faults and would I have the confidence to ride this bike from the UK to Morocco and back on a bike of this age.
Price is £2900 in a dealership which appears quite alot for a nearly ten year old bike but the bike is so unusual and low mileage for its age and it would have a service, MOT and tax before delivery.


Brian E 21 Jun 2007 17:02

Bloody expensive.

sorry for the short frank to the point reply.

I have a 01 AdventureR which you could buy for a more resnoble price and i have a set of racks. the first KTM adventure bikes where expensive but the exshaust was/is very vunrable the later bikes where way better more capable bike.

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