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Makeroom 14 May 2011 01:16

KLR650 any suggestions
Hi. Looking to buy a KLR650 for some general traveling both on and off bitumen. Will be more than likely purchasing pre 95 and dont mind fixing bikes as long as they are complete and priced accordingly. Is there anything to look out for or any years to stay away from. Im used to the xt's and xr's but have been using a klr250 which had suffered under the previous owner but Im quite impressed with its survivability. This little bike had only a cup of oil left when I got it and after the deal was done was informed it had been run with no water due to a leaking hose when out riding. An oil change and some slick 50 and it still starts and blows bugger all smoke. So I want to give its big brother ago.:D
Cheers Ernie.

rymm 18 Sep 2011 17:32

buddy of mine has one just for commuting and the occasional weekend trail riding.
good bike as i'm sure you'll find if you look about the web.
problems; the doohicky needs done or it could be terminal-look it up
seems to drink allot of oil, but only if trail riding or riding above 60mph
a bad drop can damage the radiator
only place that does parts seems to be america.

Growler 5 Jan 2012 04:29

This thread seems to be getting a little old but I just found it. I bought a KLR650 in 99 and still own it, have changed the doohickey and spent money on farkles but I have never added oil between changes, have never had problems with the cooling, get about 60 to 65 mpg(imperial) and ride it off road. I am heading down to Ushuaia on my vstrom 650 this year but will take my KLR across Canada for a 3 month off road ride when I get home, it's an 11 year old bike but I still trust it .

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