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oldrider 27 Aug 2012 15:51

I'm planning a trip around Australia and read a lot about the KLR and thought it would be ideal for both the sealed and dirt roads but I've been told that they are prone to breaking.

I'm planning to buy a 2012 model and have to make a decision fairly soon but I'd appreciate it if anyone can give me an indication on the pros and cons of the KLR and possibly an idea of an alternative bike. I'll be on my own and travelling light.

Walkabout 27 Aug 2012 16:13


Originally Posted by oldrider (Post 390591)

and possibly an idea of an alternative bike.

:rofl:That's asking for folks to chip in with every other make and model of bike that gets discussed in here, regularly.

I suggest you try this thread within "Kawa tech" and come back with specific questions if you are not convinced (your reference to breaking probably means the Doohickey issue of some years ago??):-

You could also look back in this "which bike" forum and you will probably find other discussion about the KLR.

oldrider 27 Aug 2012 16:59

Thanks Dave,

I understood that the doohickey problem had been resolved and had pretty much decided when I read a post casting more doubt in my mind. I guess all bikes have their issues and no one machine is ideal for everyone or every budget.

Have read the posts on the thread you suggested and have had a lot of questions answered.


docsherlock 27 Aug 2012 18:39

If you are going to get a thumper, look at the Yamaha XT660Z rather than the KLR - eFI and gear driven blalancer and just a bit more modern all round.

DL650 is the other bike I'd look at for the money.

jcolyer 3 Jan 2013 01:31

Klr 650
Hello, I own a KLR650, it was my first adventure touring bike, I haven't done lots on it but one trip showed me some issues, the trail was very rough.... "The Telkwa Trail". Had two of the rear subframe bolts come out completely on the trail, was still rideable, the show stopper was when the oil drain plug backed out from all the pounding on the trail. I have an after market skid ate on and SWMoto crash bars, the left side broke at the weld at the foot peg and also cracked at the weld mid way up. All in all my bike took a lot, I was not riding like a reckless fool either most of the time first gear slow creep. I also upgraded the fork springs and rear shock (progressive setup) Kawasaki's setup is inadequate, I am 260lbs and with gear not good... Manual states it is setup for an180 lb. rider. Well that's my experience, considering others but not giving up on the KLR just yet

ozranger 10 Jan 2013 04:27


i owned a KLR in OZ and rode one across africa.
the bike i rode across africa had close to 50,000 over-landing kms on it when i reached the end of the trip and it was running great and still on many of its factory components. simple design = simple to fix. i personally think this is the best bike for your dollar.
so much cheaper then many other bikes.
a few very simple mods takes care of any quirks the KLR has. its a little harsh in its vibration, but its a thumper.
if i was you and buying a klr to do oz. i would upgrade the subframe bolts, install crash bars, skid plate, and i touring windscreen (bit taller one). and then pick your luggage choice.
you will have a great touring bike and money well spent. :scooter:
i say buy one. you won't regret it!

ozranger 10 Jan 2013 04:28

also check out gumtree.com.au
you could pick up a bike a couple years old with less then 10,000km on it for a few thousand less then new!

RickMcD 10 Jan 2013 16:24

Or Rent?
I looked into shipping my KLR over there in 2008 but in the end decided it was MUCH easier (less hastle and no customs/insurance problems) to rent. Went here and talked to Mike Australia and New Zealand motorcycle tours and rentals - BikeRoundOz - Best Advice, Best Tours, Best Bikes and he got this DR650 with an 8 gallon tank and water storage panniers. http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-GVcW...-GVcW7JB-M.jpg

for a very reasonable price for the 4 months (of course the exchange rate was WAY favorable for me then). :thumbup1: I took my own Corbin seat after reading about how comfortable the DR was NOT.

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