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Seth S 26 Jun 2002 03:10

kawasaki Tengai?
I am in the usa and recently came across an ad for a kawasaki Tengai. It claimed this was the european version of a KLR 650. Can anyone tell me anything about this bike. is it indeed just a european klr 650? or is it something different?

Seth S

Maniac28 6 Jul 2002 12:28

the tengai is a klr 650 with a load of plastic - big fairing, stuff like that. I dont know about it being a purely euro klr, but i dont think it is made anymore.

onlycookie 12 Jul 2002 18:55

Hi there!
The note that it is European is absolute bullshit (as I've already seen it in Australia quite a few times ;-) ), but the KLR part is true - it is pretty much a KLR - just more plastics!
The frame, the engine, the exhaust, the tank and all that stuff is the same - the only difference I found is plastics and tank and the parts where it is bond to the frame.

Because of the "more" on plastics and the 23 litre tank it is a little more heavy, but even so excellent for offroad (not motocross though ;-) ).
I got one and can help with questions, when I get an email...

Have fun with it - it's a good bike - as any KLR - just better for long road distances

Greetings Mel...

dvormak 24 Nov 2008 11:28

Hi Everybody,
I just bought a 1990 KLR650 Tengai (model B).
The bike is in a satisfying condition, but needs some work (and definitely new paint, I don’t like the red/white combination). It has about 50.000 km. it is running, although it’s misfiring on low rotations, has some trouble to start in the cold, and until now accept for the tires, brake pads and battery, all other parts are original.
Anyhow, since I want to refresh it completely, so I can ride it withour problems for at least the next 2-3 years, can anyone that had some experience with this model tell me what the usual troubles are, and on what spots should I keep my eye on during the refreshment?
Thanks in advance !

lecap 3 Dec 2008 10:03

risen from the death?
Uh, oh! A thread truely risen from the dead!

The good news first: Due to the Tengai being a KLR 650 you'll be able to use almost everything that's available for the KL650A.

The bad news: Your Tengai shares a few flaws with the first series KL650A:

Things to look for:
Does your engine have a doohickey replacement? (Eagle Lever). If not, get one.
Condition of balancer chain. Timing chain should be fine after 50000km.
Whilst you're at the balancer chain mechanism check that your engine has solid balancer sprockets. If it still has the split rubber / spring dampened version get the later solid ones (second hand, cheap).
Your engine has the older gearbox / shafts / clutch combo. The only advantage is that you can retrofit the KL600's kickstarter (which is a waste of time, make sure your battery is fine).
Disadvantages of the old box: Fast wearing drive chain sprocket splines (6, later 12), gears more prone to wear due to less dogs, weaker clutch. If replacement of anything is pending get the whole lot second hand (also rather cheap as KLR's typically expire from piston / barrel wear or lack of oil ruining main shaft and head).

General KLR advice: Get left mirror & choke lever mount to bolt onto clutch armature. Also ATO fuse kit (Arrowhead).
Spend some time to set your valves correctly. KLR valves should always be set to max. spec. or even very slightly above max. spec. Reduces wear, prevents stating problems.
Remove the crappy tank vent valve from the filler cap.
Google KLR T-mod...
Google KLR...
as said, it's a KLR ;)

Brian Williams 3 Dec 2008 16:54

Hi, I bought a Tengai new in 1990, 5000 miles later the output shaft slpines wore through. Apparently there was a dodgy batch made. It was fixed under warrenty by Kawasaki.
A few years later the output shaft oil seal popped, not a serious job on most bikes but on the Tengai there is an external lip stopping you removing the seal from the outside, which would mean a total engine strip down to pull out a £3 seal !! In the end I ground away the lip and pulled the seal out.

The plastics are rather breakable, KLR650 side panels fit and are more flexable. The windscreen had a really annoying buzzy rattle, so use silicon sealant or tape to stop the buzz. It also has a very brittle plastic 'sump guard', once again 'fit' the one from the KLR650 which is slightly stronger plastic or find a sheet of ally, bend and drill to fit if your doing any off road trips.
I also found that the fuel taps would sometimes stop flowing petrol in hot weather, this seemed to be caused by the vacume fuel switch from the carb, another thing to remove.
Also check the condition of the four main/subframe bolts, I had one snap and one seize ! Half a bolt stuck fast in the main frame was not the easiest of things to remove, perhaps fit larger bolts if you will be carrying heavy luggage.
Other than that it was a good long distance tourer. I did three Morocco trips and a Trans Sahara on the bike. Not as mechanicaly tough (indestructable) as my XT600/Tenere but does have a slightly more comfortable seat and a smoother (for a 650 single) engine.

dvormak 13 Dec 2008 12:41

Thanks for your tipps :thumbup1:
Last 3 weeks I completely took apart the bike (accept the engine)
I refreshed all the plastics, put some thin neopren tape between them, refastened all the bolts, cleaned everything with 96% alchohol, sprayed all plastic with protective syllicone spray, checked the complete electrical instalation (also changed some suspissious cables), cleaned all electrical contact and sprayed them with cocntact spray...
The handlebars, the triangle beneath them, the caps on the exhaust were plastifyed with electroststic paint, and the exhaust was stripped to pure metal, and then repainted with termo-stabile paint.
I repaired all the cracks in the plastic, and by now the bike is prepared for painting.
Now I'm waiting for a friend of mine to make the stickers, and as soon as they are ready, I will repaint the plastics and the tank (with the original color).
The only thing that is missing from the bike is the rear left plastic (the battery cover), so if anyone has a suggestion where and how I can get one, it will be very appreciated :(.

Here is the bike now (before painting)



I didn't touch the engine, because the previous owner (also a friend of mine) has changed the timing chain and balancer, spring... etc... and also he works as a motorcycle repairman in his own shop and he was maintaining the bike, so I took his word for it.

dvormak 25 Dec 2008 11:23

My Tengai, during normal riding does not loose oil, but last weekend, I was forcing it a bit, almost all the time with 90% opened throttle, and for 400 km. it was consumpting about 200cc oil. Is this normal, or should I be worried??c?

dvormak 5 Jan 2009 10:47

Here are some pic's with the side cases on :thumbup1:




dvormak 9 Oct 2012 08:38

last year I sold my Tengai and bought a 900cc yamaha diversion... soon I realized that this bike is not right for me and started missing my tengai :(
a few days ago, I found a tengai laying in a repair shop, contacted the owner, agreed on the price, and tomorrow I'll be heading to collect my new kawasaki kl650b- tengai :thumbup1:
the thing is that the bike is taken apart for some repairs, and never been completed, it is missing some parts, like the fan-switch, some plastic covers etc... it will take some time to repair it, but the winter is coming anyway, so I'll keep myself busy...
I'll try to report on the progress here as well...
I had some useful tips from some of you here, and I'll appreciate your comments and suggestions as I go trough the repairs...
cheers bier

dvormak 12 Nov 2012 07:58

here is my new Tengai, assembled, but still needs some work...

Donmanolo 12 Nov 2012 22:49

This must be something like a record...a ten year old thread !

Great looking bike(s) ! I liked the first one particularly, funnily enough I was reading through an old italian bike magazine just this morning and I heard about the Tengai for the first time ...it certainly looks like a fine overlander, and I'm feeling tempted to go and take a look at some in my area. Prices are actually surprisingly low (by italian standards) .

Keep us posted about your own progress Dvormak, and I hope to see this thread still around in many more years to come :thumbup1:

dvormak 13 Nov 2012 11:02

For my new Tengai I need:
- Fan Switch
- L & R side covers
- RH contol box (with strater, kill switch, light switch)
If anyone has these parts to spare, please feel free to make me an offer :D

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