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Biram 20 Feb 2002 03:15

K-75 Feasibility
I hope to take a trip from NYC to Tierra Del Fuego as a few have done before me.
I bought a 93 K-75s a two years ago and am not sure if I should purchase something else to make this trip. My main concerns are the vulnerability to the engine from the variiety of fuel quality as well as the tank size. Any thoughts as to another bike or take this one? I'd be solo on the bike with a few friends on the trip...

Grant Johnson 22 Feb 2002 02:45

You should have no problems with the bike, the fuel isn't that bad in Central and South America. Assuming your friends are on similar bikes, go for it!

However, if they are on serious dual sports, you'd better plan on riding something similar as you will get badly left behind on the rough stuff - and they will want to visit places on roads you just can't do on a street bike.

The important thing is that all are on similar bikes.

So when are you planning on going?

Grant Johnson

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Biram 23 Feb 2002 03:57

Thanks Grant.
I figured it was a good possibility but was looking for affirmation from the veteran group of riders that frequent this shrine of a website for two wheeled wunderlust.
Tank size is my other issue. I seem to get about 140 miles prior to my reserve light going on. I've looked all over to find a bigger tank but no luck.
I know its part of the adventure but I figure I'd like to roll about 200 miles prior to dipping into the reserve.
Any suggestions?
BTW, I'll be heading out Feb of 2003.

Grant Johnson 23 Feb 2002 06:45

shrine huh, hmmm, http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

I don't think you should waste time trying to find one bigger - EXTREMELY unlikely, it's just notthe kind of bike that you would normally need a bigger tank on.

Lots of people just carry a jerrycan or two in front of the saddlebags, sitting on the pegs and a simple rack. A gallon or gallon and a half a side should do it easily. and the weight is low down.

You could also put them in front, above the engine on the sides of the tank, as low as possible, again on a simple metal rack, or if you don't mind messing up your paint, you could probably just hang one gallon plastic cans in pouches over the tank, again, as low as possible.

Grant Johnson

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dmaurice 25 Feb 2002 06:17

This link will be of interest to you.

25 Feb 2002 07:33

Interesting link, thanks. Anybody know what happened to the guy and his trip? Or did he just stop updating the website. The last update was...

Last Update: Saturday, October 2nd, 1999,
Last Location: Acapulco, Mexico


Biram 28 Feb 2002 19:47

Thanks for the input.
Also, I did get an email from the Mike(www.gettinglost.com) and he noted that the K wouldn't have a problem. He mentioned he ran into a French couple who rode through South America on mopeds. Only the French...
So it looks like ya'll affirmed my choice of bike. Now the choice of bags is tough. Jesse vs Touratech or some body else...Jesse will be putting out mounts for the K-75 in about a month. I wonder if can use their mounts with Touratech Zega cases. Any thoughts?

Grant Johnson 1 Mar 2002 00:48

Bag choice is heavily covered in the equipment section so we won't get into that here. Please post there if you have specific questions, thanks.

Re "only the French" - and the Japanese - Miko and a photog - can't remember his name, but he had only one leg if I remember right - went around the world on a pair of Honda step-thrus - postie bikes to some. And a Canadian went round on a Honda scooter. See http://www.melawend.com for more on that one.

Or Monika Vega, Brazil, first woman around the world solo, 53 countries, 5 continents, Guinness record. Honda 125. 1990-91.

Frank Walker across Australia in the 60's on a Hodaka Ace 100 in the dirt (and he weighed over 200 pounds).

Then of course there's Emilio Scotto - around the world on a Gold Wing.

So yeah, just about anything can be done, cause it probably already has!

Grant Johnson

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Biram 9 Mar 2002 08:43

Thanks Grant. The K will be taken with some hanging jerry cans.
Also, I took a peek at some of the websites and postings you mentioned and got a little more adrenaline pumping for the trip!!
I have one question...tires.
I currently have a rear m88-marathon metz and front metz laser. Will be replacing them before my trip as they've taken about 15k miles. From the postings I've read, the Metz tourance or enduro 3/4 seem to be decent choices. The dealers are steering me in a variety of directions including michelins...I figure the majority of my time will be on pavement with some cameo appearances on dirt roads/trails.
Any thoughts?

Grant Johnson 9 Mar 2002 12:41

We went around the world on all roads with Metzeler Marathon ME88 rear - one continent one tire. Bridgestone Trail Wing on the front, cause it's a 21" and a little more knobbly traction in the muck keeps you from falling on your face. Rear end slithering about not important. All the weight you will have will give even a street tire good enough traction on the rear if driven intelligently. And last far longer.

A Metzeler Sahara or Conti or any other big dualsport front that fits your wheel will be fine. I wouldn't personally go for Michelins, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be ok. See the equipment forum for lots of discussions on tires.

Looking forward to hearing about your travels!

Grant Johnson

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STEVE B 19 Jun 2002 21:12

I came across this site recently and it seems to be a perfect match for you. It explains how to create a k75g/s and even opens the possibility for fitting a larger tank. www.geocities.com/fwarner_au/mc_things.htm Good luck and good riding!

El Penguino 20 Jun 2002 05:58

WOW ! A K GS , exactly the bike I have been wanting to build for my next trip.

Biram ,if you want any info , mail me . I am 5 months in Sth America with K100RS and can give you a rundown of what to expect .

Biram 24 Jun 2002 22:10

Thanks for the low down on the K-75 GS...I e-mailed the guy and he was helpful. Although I doubt I'd modify mine to the extreme he did.
El Penguino, thanks for the offer...you should find an email from me...
I think the 11xxGS is a great bike, but part of the adventure is the adventure of the adventure, if you know what I mean...and that's what I'm realizing about making the trip on the K.
I'm getting itchy to hit the road!
Any suggestions are welcome.

El Penguino 25 Jun 2002 08:00

Edward ,
I mailed you a few pointers , tips and so on .

You`ll be fine with the fuel quality . Just take what`s cheapest ( works for me !) .


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